Playstation Experience Surprise Reveals Last of Us Part 2! (VIDEO)

Playstation Experience brought a whole lot to the table today, with a line of of exciting games for both PS4 and the Vita, but undoubtedly, the absolute coup de grace was the reveal of The Last of Us Part II (LoUP2). The first game developed by Naughty Dog, (famed creators of the Uncharted series too) came out back in 2013 and was universally showered with praise, receiving over 240 game of the year awards.

The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States, the majority of the population turned to psychotic cannibals by a virulent fungus. The game follows Joel as he escorts and befriends a young girl, Ellie who’s immunity might lead to a cure for the fungal plague.

Just when everyone thought that the Saturday events of Playstation Experience had died down, Shawn Layden, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, came onstage with a knowing smile on his face. Layden thanked the fans for their support and participation, and then announced that he had one final

There’s one more thing, there’s one more special development we have for you tonight. The game is in early development, super early, but the game development team wanted to share this with you tonight. This is on the updated engine running on PS4, thank you for coming tonight, please enjoy.

The trailer appeared onscreen, showing an eerie forest with rusted out cars, and the screen panned across a series of cabins, in front of which was a symbol familiar from The Last of Us. A hand strums and tunes a guitar, and a quiet young female voice begins to sing a song and it became immediately clear that this Ellie, and we were watching a trailer for the unannounced The Last of Us Part II. Check out the reveal trailer below.

No one saw this coming, although speculations over The Last of Us Part II (LoUP2) being in development have been swirling around the internet for years since the first game’s release. What do you think about the trailer for The Last of Us Part II? Were you impressed with the original? Unleash your excitement in the comments and hang out here at DFTG for more late breaking news about Playstation Experience.

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