Fast Travel System Detailed as New Map Debuts in Latest Destiny 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

Destiny 2 update

Destiny 2 is going to have a lot of new features for both veterans and newbies of the franchise. A slew of new trailers and leaks have been hitting the web as the console release date draws near and the latest video to drop gives some interesting insight into a new map and the fast travel within the FPS. Check out the latest Destiny 2 trailer below:

The developers behind the sequel have gone in detail with all of the changes coming to the title compared to the original Destiny title. With more of a focus on the narrative, NPCs, and overall game experience; the next step in the shooter’s franchise has a lot to offer for both fans of a multiplayer experience and those looking for a more solo experience. The above trailer acts as a “refresher” to the map while also highlighting some of the features found in-game. For those interested in the title’s travel system, both the fast travel and milestone features are shown in the latest video.

Destiny 2 will feature four main explorable areas that will be larger and more immersive than the previous title. The maps showcase where to go and how to get there for every explorable area and make it easier for players to scope out and make a gameplan for their play experience. The Fast Travel seen in the video gives Guardians “Landing Zones” to make map access even more accessible and explorer friendly. This feature is seen in a lot of games that host large areas to travel, though the trailer doesn’t specify how readily available these points are available, though most likely they will have to be unlocked on an individual basis.

As players progress through the story, the maps seen above will evolve as more areas are explored and more missions are completed. This creates a level of dynamism that drives for completion while tracking progress for that sense of gamer achievement. It’s also a huge motivating factor for those particular interested in the PvE aspect of Destiny 2.

Public Events and patrols will also be returning to the sequel, both aspects that were very popular in the first installment. The team assures fans interested in the events that the overall system has improved dramatically to create a more diverse experience. But it’s not all about what’s returning, but what’s also new. The inclusion of “Adventures” is something that players that look for that total completion can look forward to, they are essentially short side missions that are very quick but interlock into other side missions to create a new narrative and unique dialogue.

Destiny 2 releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6th, with a PC release later on October 24th. What are your thoughts on the latest Destiny 2 trailer? Stoked to see all of the changes for yourself when the full title releases? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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