Koei Tecmo Interested In Making Star Wars Dynasty Warriors Game

Star Wars Dynasty Warriors

The Dynasty Warriors series has proven to be one of the more successful and evergreen game franchises owned by Koei Tecmo. It has found great success recently with spinoffs, which bring their signature gameplay style to pre-existing franchises. So far, they have successfully collaborated with Dragon Quest, The Legend of Zelda and most recently, Fire Emblem. According to a new interview, Koei Tecmo is also interested in bringing the fight to a galaxy far, far away in a Star Wars Dynasty Warriors spinoff game.

GameSpot recently spoke with Koei Tecmo president Hisashi Koinuma at one of the company’s events, and shared some of his comments about the company’s future. Koinuma expressed joy for the success of their newest IP Nioh, which proved to be a favorite game of 2017 for many by saying:

It’s been a while since a new IP became so successful like that. So based on that experience, we definitely want to continue to makes games that offer different challenges that push us. [Nioh’s] success has had an impact on us.”

Koinuma also praised the Nintendo Switch and reaffirmed Koei Tecmo’s commitment to the newest Nintendo platform and expressed the fast-paced development that the company has experienced when creating a Switch game:

We are readily available to make titles available on Switch, and either our own IPs or some other company’s IPs. I feel we’ve been working on making the titles available on Switch much faster than the other publishers. If there is any need or wishes to be played on Switch, then definitely, we will work on that.”

Lastly, when asked what franchise Koinuma would want to see adapted to the Dynasty Warriors iconic style given the success of spinoffs like Hyrule Warriors, the president pointed to the science-fiction holy grail:

I’m always saying this, but I think Star Wars has been really successful and I would love for us to make that game.”

Major negotiations with EA would obviously need to occur for a Star Wars Dynasty Warriors spinoff to happen, but certainly many would love to slice legions of Stormtroopers with a lightsaber. Seeing these worlds collide would be quite the sight, especially since the series has connected with audiences through its gratifying hack-and-slash combat and presentation of Chinese history so well. Would you guys play a Star Wars Dynasty Warriors game? Let us know in the comments below!

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