Upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors Update Brings New Costumes, Weapons, And More

Fire Emblem Warriors, the latest franchise addition with a hack-and-slash gameplay style to freshen it up, released in September and focused more on real-time strategy rather than its usual turn-based mechanics. There have been regular additions along the way, but this time a brand new Fire Emblem Warriors update brings new costumes, a weapon, and much more to the game arriving Thursday, November 16th.

The completely free DLC contains a new history map that features Rowan and Lianna and new costumes for them as well. There’s a new weapon called Armor Strike, “associated with destroying armor and causing a Broken Armor state” and by doing so “disrobes” characters down to their intimates. New additions of Blessings and the ability for players to sell multiple weapons at once instead of the tedious task of each one-by-one. Check out the gallery below for a peek at what’s to come:

Likely bundled alongside the update will be minor bug fixes to the game as well and the best part? It’s all completely free. There will be a paid downloadable content coming in December for 8.99 USD with additions inspired by the Fire Emblem Fates titles. There will be two more DLC coming in February and March, and if you plan to get all three, a season pass will run you 19.99 USD. It’s ultimately cheaper than buying them individually, which will run players almost 27 USD.

Need to prepare yourself for the looming Fire Emblem Warriors update for the Nintendo Switch? First, make sure the console is connected to the internet, then go ahead and launch the game and it will update automatically. Once, it is completed, a new update version will be displayed on the title screen.

Fire Emblem Warriors Gameplay

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