Killing Floor Incursion Confirmed For PlayStation VR

Killing Floor Incursion

Killing Floor 1 & 2 made quite the splash in the PC gaming community with its wave-based system of increasingly difficult rounds of Zed (read: Zombie) killing mayhem and weapon-based classes. Killing Floor 2 on its own has come a long way since its early access release for PC back in early 2016, with the occasional seasonal event providing exciting things for players to do during the time gaps between new weapon and class updates. PlayStation 4 players were able to get in on the fun later that year when the game had its full release in November of last year. Now, it appears that Killing Floor Incursion – the virtual reality title for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift – is coming to the PlayStation 4 as well. During the annual PlayStation Experience event that took place last week, President of Tripwire Interactive John Gibson announced the title for PSVR, revealing that the game will be coming to the console at some point in 2018.

According to Gibson’s blog over on the PlayStation website, Killing Floor Incursion was “created from the ground up for virtual reality”, making it markedly different than the previous two Killing Floor games. As with many of the hottest VR titles nowadays, the developer is taking full advantage of emotion-eliciting tools like scale and heights in order to get the most out of the VR experience, something that can certainly be used in conjunction with how terrifying some of the special Zeds are.

We believe the best VR games are made specifically with the VR platform in mind, so we set out to create something that was unique and truly played to VR’s strengths.”

Killing Floor incursion features a single-player campaign, the first of its kind in the franchise. Players will fight through hordes of Zeds in a four to six hour campaign that “takes the player through diverse environments fighting through a cast of mutated creatures that range from shambling zombie-like monsters to massive biomechanical abominations.” In addition to the new gameplay features to be found thanks to PSVR, players will also be accompanied by NODE, a robot companion that occasionally feeds transmissions to the player. NODE can also be sent out to search for ammo, health, and more.

Killing Floor Incursion

For those that don’t like to go solo, both the campaign and the Holdout game mode can be played with a friend. Players can actually point with their hands, and can also throw weapons (and detached Zed parts) to their ally, which could make for some pretty epic gameplay. Killing Floor Incursion is Zed-crawling its way to the PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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