WATCH: Even The Best World of Warcraft Guilds Can’t Take Down Legion’s Final Boss

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World of Warcraft raiding is extremely popular, and Mythic raiding is like going to the Olympics. Requiring a large amount of teamwork among many players, precision timing, and in-game gear as good as you can get it. When a new Mythic raid is released, every guild worldwide races to be the first to beat each boss. The latest raid, Antorus, The Burning Throne, opened last week December 5th, and the race was on. Unfortunately, the final boss, Argus the Unmaker, seems to be the unmaking of every guild who has battled him so far.

Argus is the living embodiment of the Dranei homeworld, and even battling to get to him is no cakewalk. Ten bosses stand between the intrepid guild and the final battle, and over the first two days, MMO players watched them fall. The first to make it to The Unmaker was the world famous guild Method, but many guilds have caught up by now. The challenge of Argus is that he has secret phases that showed up nowhere, not even in the test server, so when Method went in for the first time, they knew absolutely nothing about what to expect. They are expected to be the ones to finally crack Argus due to their raiding schedule, but he is still unbeaten as of this time.

Usually the competitive raiding guilds with World of Warcraft won’t stream their attempts, just to make sure that their strategies are not leaked out to the world, but with so many lower level guilds finally through the tenth boss, that has relaxed. This is good for those of us who enjoy watching so we can see the action for how this whole encounter plays out.

Two Chinese guilds finally shared their attempts at Argus, showing us one of the secret phases. Rumor has it there are two, but if that’s the case, the high level guilds who might know are keeping their cards close to their collective chests. The closest anyone has come to defeating him got down to 56%, and the raid resets tonight. Watch the video below to see their World of Warcraft attempt.

In the meantime, Sco, the Guild Leader of Method, posted to Twitter to discuss fighting this raid. Check it out for a highlight to your day.

So, even though looks like Argus has won this round by surviving the weekly reset, remember that the guilds in World of Warcraft do get some perks. The second battles with those bosses will grant them even more gear and experience, which might get them a long way into the coming final fight. The race is still on to determine who will win the final bragging rights, and it is still anyone’s game.

Sound off below! Who do you think will unmake The Unmaker? Do you think Blizzard has created an unbeatable boss? For the latest gaming news and updates, stay tuned to DTFG and follow us on Twitter!


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