Historical Total War Game in Development – Additional DLC and “Free-LC” Inbound

The Total War series has been widely known for its challenging strategy-based gameplay and realistic portrayals of historical armies for many years now. Last year, developer Creative Assembly partnered with Games Workshop to deliver the crossover game Total War: Warhammer, and it made a well-received tactical plunge into the franchise’s fantasy universe. It would not be difficult for long-time fans of the series to see this toe-dipping into unreal waters as a sign of the new norm for Total War. Those worried can rest easy because according to a forum post by Creative Assembly, their next Total War game will indeed be historical and is currently in full development.

Our next major historical release is now in full production with the game design locked and asset creation fully underway. The game retains the same strong focus on character design that infused previous major releases, with the key personalities of the period in particular being an early priority for us now; as such there are some vibrant and striking renders plastered around the studio, with eye-catching combat animations garnering some serious attention too.”

total war game wahammer

Alongside the new title announcement, Creative Assembly let Warhammer enthusiasts know that there’s plenty of reason to stick around. A content development team has been working on new packs for Total War: Warhammer and its planned trilogy. Some of these future downloadables include free updates the developers have gloriously teased as “Free-LC”. We here at DFTG support the creative art of puns.

Creative Assembly also let loose a few hints about what we can expect in terms of upcoming stand-alone DLC. The long-time content teams from Total War: Rome II and Total War: Attila are said to be exploring multiple options on where to take gamers next, assuring that they will offer updates as soon as possible. You can read all about those updates as soon as they’re available here on DFTG.

total war game rome ii

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