Civilization 6 Australia DLC and Free Update Announced (VIDEO)

Civilization 6 Australia DLC

Developer Firaxis announced yesterday that fans can expect a new Civilization 6 Australia DLC and a free update soon. The turn-based strategy game has been out since October of last year giving fans time to put in requests for new features. Needless to say, the creators have been listening.

According to the announcement, mod tools and multiplayer teams have been two of the most requested features for the game. Steam Workshop will soon be connected to CIV, allowing players to more easily add, subscribe, and browse the mods. Creative types will be able to more easily create additions to the game with this new feature.

Civilization 6 Australia DLC

To top it off, players will be able to team up in multiplayer, allowing friends to go toe to toe with AI and human adversaries alike. Other details, whose depth is to be announced, include balance changes and bug fixes, along with altercations in trade routes, ice caps, obsolete units and AI upgrades. The Civilization 6 Australia DLC is expected to follow the update as well.

For the first time in CIV history, players will have the opportunity to play as Australia in its franchise debut! The Civilization 6 Australia DLC is lead by 14th Prime Minister John Curtin, who lead the country in the last four years of WWII. Though he died in office, his legacy lives on in game. The DLC features extra housing on coastal tiles, additional yields on “breathtaking” tiles, and “digger” units. A new tile improvement called “The Outback Station”, a cattle ranch that grants players food and production will also allow bonuses to adjacent pastures. The video below details all of the new additions including John Curtin’s unique ability.

The Civilization 6 Australia DLC and free update are expected “soon”. Both features are giving fans a lot to be excited about! If you haven’t dipped your toes into this strategic game of war, strategy, diplomacy, and culture the time is now!

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