Halo Infinite Developer Addresses Battle Royale Rumors

Halo Infinite

Rumors were recently discovered that indicated Halo Infinite would be the most expensive title to date as well as hinted at the possibility of a battle royale mode launching with the game. While developers have insisted in the past that there would be no such thing coming to franchise, the rumors caused a bit of uproar within the Halo community all the same. Thankfully, 343 Industries has stepped in to bring a little clarity on the subject.

The Development Director of 343 Industries, Frank O’Connor, explains once more that there will not be any official Battle Royale game modes in Halo Infinite. That being said however, it will possible that players can make their own Battle Royale game variants with the title’s Forge mode. While technically a battle royale mode can be made when the game launches, it is also possible that players could create something in any of the Halo titles that feature a Forge.

You can probably make your own Battle Royale mode in Forge even right now though. It’s a mode not a genre. And all the variants out there now are in my opinion quite radically different from my perspective. Apex vs Fortnite is chalk and cheese – one focuses on movement and map traversal and the other on building and budgeting. Like CTF. BTB Super Fiesta (for example) contains a lot of the shenanigans and emergent fun of that kind of large experience but big sandbox modes are not Battle Royale any more than Oddball is CTF. The launch modes for MP are not 100% defined and are subject to change till quite late in the process – but Battle Rifle will still be there. So you can have BR.”

With everyone and their mother making some kind of Battle Royale variant, it’s refreshing to see a company not jumping on the bandwagon. Still, it is nice to have the option even if it’s just within the realm of player created content.

Halo Infinite has not received a definitive release date as of yet, but will arrive on both PC and Xbox One. What kind of game modes are you hoping to see release with the title? Let us know your thoughts on Halo Infinite and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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