New Report Claims Halo: Infinite Is the Most Expensive Video Game Project To-Date

Halo Infinite

It’s no secret that as the quality of games continues to improve at impressive rates, so to do the costs to make them. That being said, the next generation of gaming is on the horizon and the pressure is on for devs to create downright masterpieces when it comes to new releases. While 343 Industries has been opening up quite a bit lately about what the upcoming Halo: Infinite will have to offer, major details are still unknown. Whatever it will be, it looks like it’s poised to blow our socks off because the latest Halo title is reportedly the most expensive game made to-date.

According to the German website Xbox Dynasty, Infinite has a 500 million dollar budget for the new game. The devs have mentioned in the past that they understand where they “went wrong” with previous titles upon Bungie’ relinquishing their rights to the Halo franchise, so it does make sense that the team would want to go balls to the wall. Still, 500 mil is a lot and according to the same report – that’s just the cost of development alone. Apparently that budget doesn’t include expanded costs such as marketing, but the fact that it’s even bigger than Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2’s budget speaks volumes for the projected quality.

There is one important thing to note however about Xbox Dynasty’s claims: There’s no actual proof, only “insider information.” Though that sort of information does exist, we have our own here at DFTG, that doesn’t mean it’s always accurate so take the claims of the biggest budget ever with a grain of salt. Still, if true – long-time Halo fans might finally be getting the title they’ve been hoping for since the previous two launches that were less than ideal.

We’ve reached out to 343 for comment.

What do you think about everything we’ve learned thus far about the upcoming Halo title? Excited, or burnt out? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit us up over on Twitter @YouFedtheGamers! You can also check out some our previous Infinite coverage below:

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