Halloween 2018: All The Biggest Game Updates And Events (UPDATED)

Halloween 2018 All The Biggest Game Updates And Events

Halloween is the annual occasion where spooky scares and taking candy from strangers becomes temporarily commonplace. While this all culminates in a night of donning costumes and marathons of Friday the 13th, gamers will have a bit longer to smell the decaying roses with a month-long bevy of grim game updates and events. As there’s entirely too many to list in a single article, we’ve compiled a number of the biggest tricks and/or treats in which players can participate during the duration of October.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (UPDATED)

Call of Duty’s fourth entry in the Black Ops series may have recently just released, but the popular shooter has also prepared a means to take part in all the trick-or-treating. The Black Market cosmetic shop is bursting with various limited-time gear in the like of a bat-dabbing gesture and a spooky jack-o-lantern spray. PlayStation 4 users are currently able to take part in the festive fun, and those on PC and Xbox One will begin the event on October 27th.


Dead by Daylight (UPDATED)

Hallowed Blight recently kicked off in Dead by Daylight, and the event introduced a series of new loot, making for an elevated thrilling-and-killing spree experience. While the event is live, new Lore, gameplay interactions, and oodles of Bloodpoints are waiting to be unlocked, as are a set of seven murderous outfits. Hallowed Blight is set to reach its conclusion on November 2nd.


Destiny 2

Halloween 2018: All The Biggest Game Updates And Events (VIDEO)

As we puny Earthlings celebrate the season of terror, those in the far reaches of space are also doing so in their own way. Destiny 2 is bringing back their yearly Festival of the Lost event, this time debuting a “Haunted Forest” filled to capacity with endless “ghouls and demons” for players to slay. Conquering the event’s quests and challenges can yield equally spooky loot such as Destiny-themed Halloween masks and the special Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle. Festival of the Lost runs until November 6th.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

One the cutesy side of the spine-chilling spectrum, we have Dragon Ball FighterZ and its variously available Halloween skins. Lobby avatars receive a haunted overhaul sporting unbearably adorable monster costumes, including a Super Saiyan Blue werewolf Goku, a “Perfect” mummy Cell, and a fierce vampire Vegeta. The main in-game fighters are also subject to makeovers, with several spooky palette swaps also becoming available through the game’s Capsule Shop. The proceedings are now live and will conclude at the end of November.


Fortnite (UPDATED)

Ever since that darned Cube (a.k.a. “Kevin”) showed up in Fortnite, things have only gone from strange to stranger. It has since kicked off a season-long event dubbed Darkness Rises, ushering in sinister map changes such as the Haunted Castle, Corn Fields, and a series of purpleized Corrupted Areas. A recent development saw the opening of a massive portal, unleashing a new wave of changes as part of a new Halloween-themed “Fortnitemares” event.

Contributing to the overall Halloweeny vibe, Fortnite’s item shop has begun offering ghostly skins and event-specific items, such as the special Deadfire Outfit and its corresponding Dark Shard Pickaxe and Six Shooter firearm. A whole host of monster-slaying challenges are also on tap for the frightening affair, with an assortment of ghoulish rewards available for good measure.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The magical students at Hogwarts are preparing a Hallowe’en Feast for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and the update will add new opportunity for eerie quests and duels. Called ‘Fresh Off the Vine,’ the event sees players assist Dumbledore in preparing the school for the event, rewarding with clothes, coins, and various other loot. The full extent of the ghostly goings-ons will unfold sometime in mid-month October, unleashing a shadowy development in the game’s story that will put players’ spell knowledge to the test.



Hallow’s End is back for Blizzard’s WoW-based card game Hearthstone, and so to returns the horrific festivities. As usual, the Tavern is getting decked out with creepy decorations for the Headless Horseman’s arrival, with each main hero sporting suitably spooky costumes. Players will also have access to the special Dual Class Arena, receiving an arena ticket and golden Witch’s Cauldron card upon logging in.

However, this year’s edition will also introduce new features such as a set of two limited-time Tavern Brawls titled Monster Smash (October-17-22) and The Headless Horseman Rides Again (October 24-29). The occasion will also debut a fresh Paladin Hero and 20 The Witchwood card packs as part of the Hallow! Hallow! Bundle. The Hallow’s End goodies will be available from now to October 31st.


Hitman (UPDATED)

Hitman sure loves itself some events. Not only do fans have a date with the extremely-mortal Sean Bean, but a content pack is also on the way for players of the original game. The setting of Colorado is being offered free of charge for this Hallowed occasion, allowing full access to the game’s Contracts and the “Freedom Fighters” mission. Additionally, a set of 10 Featured Contracts have been created specifically for the occasion, all of which utilizing some sort of spooky element in the respective assassination.


Killing Floor 2

Possibly the most Halloweeny expansion of the bunch is Killing Floor 2’s Monster Masquerade, which aims to overhaul nearly every aspect of the game to match October’s hair-raising aesthetic. Explosive new weapons, action-packed music, and a limited-time event map called ‘Monster Ball’ all arrive in this year’s Halloween Horrors, as does a ghastly redesign of every enemy and boss in the game. Also, by the looks of the Monster Masquerade’s trailer (seen above), the event also has break-dancing zombies. So yeah.


Metal Gear Survive (UPDATED)

While Metal Gear Survive lacks many series elements and the direction of Hideo Kojima, Halloween nonetheless offers a pretty strange, yet compelling addition to the game’s chilling festivities. An event called “The Researcher’s Story” will see the challenge of “digging the base camp” yield some pretty crazy loot, namely offering the headpiece from Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head to wear as a cosmetic item. Completing event objectives can also leave limited-time rewards like Cassette Tapes, this time consisting of tunes from the Castlevania Requiem collection, because why not?


No Man’s Sky (UPDATED)

No Man's Sky Announces 'The Abyss' Halloween Update

The seemingly-endless exploration of No Man’s Sky may pose an existential fear in and of itself, but the game is set to begin a much more intentional set of dread titled “The Abyss.” Just like the name implies, there isn’t much to go on from Hello Games’ announcement, but what was confirmed was that the content will utilize some of the “eerie” elements of the game’s universe and be free of charge for existing owners. A title such as The Abyss is pretty foreboding already, but we’ll find out how deep the update goes when it releases sometime next week.



Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter-fest Overwatch is bringing the creepy goodies in typically vibrant fashion with an all-new bout of Halloween Terror. This year’s event debuts oodles of character skins, several of which pay homage to classic monsters such as Bride of Frankenstein and Friday the 13th’s Jason. The month-long festivities also introduce the usually ghoulish loot and the seasonal PvE brawl Junkenstein’s Revenge. The Halloween Terror proceedings are currently underway and will last until October 31st.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (UPDATED)

Following an especially-creepy tease, PUBG debuted a new year of Halloween-appropriate skins for the battle royale proceedings. Attire depicting beasts like Pennywise-like clowns, undead mummies, and nurses looking a bit too Silent Hill-y for comfort. Each of these skins (minus the pumpkin-head) are confirmed available as an individual purchase or at a reduced rate when collected from a crate. Whichever means of equipping these skins, that extra dose of scare tactics can seemingly only serve one well in the Battlegrounds.


Pokémon GO (UPDATED)

For this year’s Halloween event, Pokémon GO will see Professor Willow in need to explore the Legendary source of a series of a supernatural happenings. This round of Field Research will allow for frequent encounters with Ghost and Dark type pocket monsters, offering plenty of chance to capture some of these spirited little guys on the side. This, along with double Candies and spooky new avatar items in the Style Shop looks to have a pretty good time for players before the event ends on November 20th.


Rocket League

Rocket League’s flippy, goal-scoring event sport of Soccar is once again showing its scary side in a new bout of Haunted Hallows. Players are still able to compete in matches, but will also reward candy corn as a limited-time currency. These sweets are able to be exchanged for a bevy of newly-arriving Halloween-themed loot, such as the event-exclusive “Golden Pumpkins,” which grant access to special crate items. Haunted Hallows 2018 is now begun and will last until November 5th.


Splatoon 2

Spatting colorful goo over everything may provide fun in and of itself, but Splatoon 2 is hosting a fittingly themed SplatFest for the chill-inducing celebrations. Under the banner of “Splatoween,” Inkopolis Square is getting into the ghoulish Halloween spirit with a frightening re-decoration, even having battle stages sport a myriad of fittingly-themed graffiti.

Inklings and Octolings alike will also have the possibility of earning chilling in-game loot, such as four special pieces of “spooky headgear”: Kyonshi Hat, Li’l Devil Horns, Hockey Mask, and Anglerfish Mask. The splat-tacular festivities take place between October 19th to October 21st.


Star Wars: Battlefront II

Halloween 2018: All The Biggest Game Updates And Events (VIDEO)

While not introducing anything as particularly scary as other games, Star Wars: Battlefront II is nonetheless hosting its own Halloween event at the end of the month. As EA’s way of turning up the fright factor, select maps (Mos Eisley, Endor, Kashyyyk, Naboo, Kamino, Death Star II, and Jabba’s Palace) are getting a nighttime makeover and will treat players to double XP while the proceedings last between October 26th to the 28th.


Super Mario Odyssey (UPDATED)

Everyone’s favorite mustachioed block-puncher Mario may be known for his relatively approachable appearance, but the plumber’s digs are getting an undead makeover for the creepy-crawly season. Courtesy of the game’s shop, Super Mario Odyssey receives a Zombie outfit, giving Mario green-hued skin, tattered clothing, and an appropriate axe accessory to the head. With this new zombie form, Mario’s ability to take possession of other beings now seems a bit more sinister…


The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is once again haunting players with The Witches Festival to ring in the scariest time of the year (besides Black Friday, of course). In addition to the expected mountain of plunder the magical hoopla will inspire (mementos, masks, recipes), players participating in the Festival will become one with the undead and roam Tamriel sporting a nifty 100% XP buff.

Said super-buff should come in handy taking on the Festival’s main challenge: defeating each individual boss type and earning a Dremora Plunder Skull upon completion. Accomplishing this feat will award a daily Event ticket, which through a series of collecting and feather trading can yield a neat new mount for their homestead. The game’s Crown Store has recently gone live with numerous spooky items, but the event itself in’t scheduled to run until October 18th to November 1st.


What do you think? Are you getting into the spooky spirit? Which game are you playing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more of the latest headlines from DFTG, check out these next few news stories:

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