Dragon Age: The Inquisition Seeks Help From Con Artists In Deception Issue #2

While there’s no telling when the next Dragon Age game will come to fruition, there are other ways to get your satisfying dose of the mystical world of Thedas for the time being. The latest entry into the franchise released in 2014 in Dragon Age Inquisition, but Dark Horse continues the fantastical adventures of various character in spin-off comic series. The most recent iteration seen in DA: Deception, tells of the tumultuous life of con artist Olivia Pryde. In the second issue, the plot thickens as the Inquisitor takes the stage.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Comicbook, fans get a sneak peek at the second issue of the latest comic series in this high-fantasy BioWare universe. The Inquisitor seeks the help of none other than failed actress turned con artist, Olivia Pryde. To keep it interesting, another pair of cunning eavesdroppers decide to dip their toes in on the conversation as well. And is that Dorian I see? Check it out below:

“With limited influence inside the magocracy known as the Tevinter Imperium, the Inquisition turns to strange bedfellows to accomplish a critical mission—a pair of con artists with a rivalry as grand as their performances,” reads the synopsis from publisher Dark Horse (via Comicbook). With Nunzio DeFilippis and Cristina Weird heading the writing portion of the series, artist Ferndando Heinz Furukawa, and colorist Michael Atiyeh take on the illustrative parts. Of course, the talent Sachin Teng fronts the cover designs.

The second issue will become available no November 14th, 2018 for $3.99 (USD), bringing readers 32 completely colored pages of social subterfuge and “inquisitive” meandering. Get your own copy here at Dark Horse’s official website or any other participating retailers such as Amazon or your local comic shop.

In other Dragon Age news, did you know that the fictional novel created by none other than Varris Tethras became a reality? Hard in Hightown is a sight to behold with a compelling story in 72 pages! Check out the voice actor for our suave dwarven friend read an excerpt here.

What do you think of the various characters of the Dragon Age universe crossing paths? This encounter with Olivia Pryde would certainly make for an entertaining side mission! Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on DFTG Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest and related articles:

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