Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Revealed As Next Big Expansion (VIDEO)

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

As per a much-hyped revel event from Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios, the next year-long expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online has now been revealed as Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle. Established as the game’s next year-long storyline, the incoming chapter is set to revolve around the lore and culture of the medieval-era-inspired Bretons and give players free rein to explore an all-new island chain, namely, the so-titled kingdom of High Isle.

The setting’s tales are set to unravel in the ‘Legacy of the Bretons’ story chapter, which sees the land threatened by the rogue Ascendant Order and the group’s imposing leader, the Ascendant Lord. As per ZeniMax, players are “charged with uncovering the plots of a sinister order of knights that threaten the peace and security of High Isle. At the head of this rogue group stands the Ascendant Lord, a mysterious force seeking to claim an ancient legacy.” A cinematic trailer for the chapter can be seen above.

Aiming to capture the feel of classic Elder Scrolls adventures, High Isle is characterized by its noble Middle Age aesthetic, with NPCs donning medieval attire and suits of armor, alongside structures like castles and tournaments populating the island. As detailed in the event’s livestream, the mainland will be adjacent to the “deadly jungle island” of Amenos, which is described as a home to “criminals and dissidents” cast out of the proper kingdom. The area sounds very much like the wild west, as it contains no guards or laws for these outlaws to follow.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Finally, after introducing a companion system last year, two new faces are joining the adventure: a street-savvy Khajit named Ember and a knightly and honorable Breton named Isobel. Little else was said about the pair, but it’s good to see Bethesda keep the new companions coming, even if it hasn’t quite led to romantic possibilities just yet. In addition, the livestream also confirmed Tales of Tribute, a new collectible card game in the same vein as Gwent from The Witcher.

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is set to officially begin on June 6th for Mac, PC, and Google Stadia with consoles receiving the expansion on June 21st. Several editions are now available to pre-order on all platforms. As with previous years, several other DLCs will release throughout 2022, with Ascending Tide acting as a prequel to the Legacy of the Bretons chapter and introducing two new dungeons on March 14th. Later in the roadmap, a free High Isle prologue quest will be made available to players, along with a Dungeon DLC, a free prologue quest, as well as a follow-up story DLC.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

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