Rocket League Is Getting Rid Of Its Randomized Loot Crates

It looks like Epic Games’ influence is finally bleeding into its acquired studio Psyonix’ Rocket League, though it seems like it may be for the better. It has been revealed…

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Roller Champions Preview: Holy F*ck, It’s Addictive (VIDEO)

Ubisoft officially revealed Roller Champions during their press conference at this year’s E3 and I have to admit, I thought it looked pretty dumb and a waste of efforts. Boy,…

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Roller Champions Announced With Epic Cinematic And Gameplay Trailers (VIDEO)

Ubisoft’s E3 2019 presentation was chock full of exciting world premieres and new trailers for existing titles, with Tom Clancy franchise games taking the stage in a big way with…

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Ubisoft’s Roller Champions Leaks Ahead of E3 2019, Perfect for Rocket League Fans (VIDEO)

Rocket League may be a fairly simple concept but still, it has gained quite a large fanbase for its unique gameplay and fast-paced action. It appears that Ubisoft is looking…

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Rocket League Review Bombed Following Epic Games’ Acquisition

It was recently announced that Epic Games was acquiring Psyonix, the developers of the massively popular Rocket League. Unfortunately, this deal will result in the game leaving Steam and moving…

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Rocket League Studio Psyonix Acquired By Epic Games

Yet another blow has been dealt in the invisible war between Epic Games and Valve, with it being revealed today that the former has officially acquired Rocket League studio Psyonix….

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Rocket League Cross-Platform Party Update Goes Live Soon (VIDEO)

It wasn’t too long ago when Psyonix announced Rocket League was uniting their players through the eventful addition of cross-play, enabling the game’s entire Soccar-playing masses to finally charge the…

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Rocket League Is Now Officially 100% Cross-Platform Play Compatible

Rocket League is now one big happy family because it is – as of today – 100% cross-platform play compatible, even with PlayStation 4. Up until now, there has been…

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GTA Online Adds ‘Rocket League’ Inspired Mode In Latest Update (VIDEO)

The Grand Theft Auto series sure has evolved from its origins as a simple crime simulator, having grown to encompass all meanings of the term “open world” over the last…

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Rocket League ‘Frosty Fest 2018’ Event Is Now Live (VIDEO)

Winter is finally upon us, and game developer Psyonix is celebrating in style with a brand new seasonal event for Rocket League. Referred to as ‘Frosty Fest 2018,’ the new…

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