Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Leaked On Reddit (VIDEO)

Red Dead Redemption 2

Few games hit maximum hype levels like Red Dead Redemption 2, which makes the next bit of news exciting for fans looking for anything to sate their appetite. While waiting for the developer to share something can be arduous, occasionally the gaming gods smile upon fans with a leak of one thing or another. Recently, fans were graced with a brief but exciting look at the gameplay for the latest title in the franchise.

The leaks come from a thread on Reddit, which shows various, if brief, moments of gameplay. The leaks from Red Dead Redemption 2, of course, contain spoilers and fans wanting an unsullied version of the experience may want to skip over the links and videos. For those who don’t really care about all of that, check out the video (one of many) below:

Of course, this isn’t all that fans can expect from the Red Dead Redemption 2 experience. Free roaming, horse bonding, and hunting are all other features fans can expect from the latest title in the franchise. For those looking for a head start, the map in its entirety was also leaked recently.

While the Red Dead Redemption 2 leaks may be hard to resist, fans who want to wait until release don’t have to wait much longer, as the title releases for Xbox One and PS4 from Rockstar in less than a few days. Fans can start playing as soon as October 26th, 2018, which is hardly worth noting in the annex of waiting.

Are you picking up Red Dead Redemption 2 upon release? What do you think of the leaked features? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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