Guerrilla Games Hiring Experienced Multiplayer Devs

Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games delivered one of the few games to fully live up to its hype. Horizon Zero Dawn shattered expectations and helped carry both the developer Sony to glorious financial numbers. On the heels of that success, Guerrilla Games moved into a new office to expand their team. In fact, the Dutch developer will double its current size, which should allow them to create even more amazing titles. A new job posting indicates that whatever game Guerrilla makes next will show off the talents of incredibly experienced devs.

Guerrilla Games recently listed an opening for a UI Designer on their website. We aren’t sure what the next game will be, but the project is already under way. The posting also offers insight into what sort of game they will create. Many of the qualifications are standard “have passion and ambition” lines. A handful, however, stand out to give us an idea of their next game.

  • “at least 3 years previous experience as a programmer in the games industry or a related industry
  • experience shipping network enabled code, online games
  • always keep accessibility in mind to ensure an enjoyable experience for as many players as possible
  • comfortable working within a very large existing codebase and toolset”

Essentially, Guerrilla Games appears to be looking for people to craft a massive new multiplayer title. Unless the next Horizon game takes a completely different form than its predecessor, this is something else entirely. Another installment in the Killzone series remains the safest bet. Guerrilla released Killzone Shadow Fall five years ago, so the timing feels right for a return to the developer’s roots. We speculated on a return to the series last year, and this may be proof of just that.

Of course, this could be the start of an entirely new multiplayer game. Between Horizon and its incredible DLC The Frozen Wilds, Guerrilla Games earned loads of good will from both Sony and gamers. It will be fascinating to see how they follow up such a phenomenal title, especially given their nerves during development.

If you can’t wait for the Horizon sequel, you should consider getting the upcoming board game to sate your appetite.

What do you think the new game will be? Are we returning to the Killzone universe? Let us know in the comments, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more gaming news!

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