Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Announced At Gen Con

Horizon Zero Dawn

Board games inspired by pop culture have become a staple of the genre. From Fallout to Street Fighter, these games offer a deeper dive into other worlds. Horizon Zero Dawn aims to join that prestigious list with its own tabletop title.

Steamforged Games announced that they will release a Horizon Zero Dawn game at Gen Con 2018. Steamforged also made the Dark Souls and Resident Evil 2 board games, so experience is on their side. The game is already two years into its development cycle, meaning Steamforged began before the digital game launched. In fact, Steamforged, Sony, and Guerrilla Games worked together to create the best possible project.

The Horizon Zero Dawn board game will take place after the events of the video game. The tabletop game offers co-op elements while encouraging strong competition, reminiscent of Champions of Midgard. As with all of the best RPGs, players choose a class and skill cards to start each match. As you accomplish tasks and defeat opponents, you can upgrade your cards for better stats and weapons. If it’s anything like the digital game, upgrading traps and stealth should be your highest priority.

Players adventure out on five separate hunts before a boss fight with a massive robotic creature. Each match should last between two and two and a half hours, roughly equivalent to a game of Zombicide. The game comes with miniatures crafted from 3D models provided by Guerrilla Games. Steamforged did not offer up dimensions, but hopefully they do the creatures the justice they deserve.

No release date has been announced, but a Kickstarter will open sometime later this year. Steamforged hopes that the community will rally around this title, which Guerrilla Games is calling “the next Horizon.”

Are you excited for a Horizon Zero Dawn tabletop game? Do you think classes will be determined by faction? Which creatures deserve the biggest, baddest miniatures? Let us now in the comments, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more gaming updates!

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