Gothic Remake May Happen, THQ Nordic Releases Playable Teaser (VIDEO)


Beloved and lesser-known games alike have found a resurgence thanks to the interest of players as well as developers dedicated to bringing classic titles into the modern era. As with any project, most companies try to gauge interest before jumping into development. However, THQ Nordic has now taken this concept to a new level, revealing an intriguing, yet unorthodox means of bringing back Piranha Bytes’ old-school fantasy-action title, Gothic.

In an effort to gauge interest in a Gothic remake, THQ Nordic Barcelona has put out a prototype “playable teaser” for the title, leaving it up to fans whether the studio ultimately pursues full development of the remake. The teaser demo is currently live over on Steam, available free to anyone who has purchased a game from Piranha Bytes–whether it be the original Gothic series, the Risen trilogy, or 2017’s ELEX. A new trailer has arrived marketing the Gothic remake teaser, which can be seen below.

The original release of Gothic saw positive reviews for its well-crafted story and complex character interactions. However, it suffered from a control scheme that was incredibly difficult to use for the average player. Should the game get remade, the trailer hints at some much-needed control updates, possibly using a new system inspired by modern melee-combat titles such as For Honor. Of course, the game would also see a fresh new look, which already appears to be quite an impressive upgrade from the original.

The idea of making a trial-run teaser to gauge interest is an interesting idea and would be cool to see if more modern developers take on this tactic. The Steam page for the Gothic remake teaser indicates the game could possibly arrive in 2021–that is if developers deem there is enough interest. Let us know your thoughts on the surprise teaser for the fantasy adventure and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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