God of War Currently Highest Rated New PS4 Release Ever

Highest Rated New PS4 game

Later this week, gamers will be invited once more into a story starring the mighty Kratos. While the original God of War games were among some of the bestselling and most fondly remembered PlayStation titles, they may not have had the most emotional resonance or narrative depth of other games. It looks like it was a conscious decision to make the new God of War game as appealing to critics as it hopes to be with fans. Now, it seems that this work has paid off, as the new God of War game is the highest rated new PS4 release yet.

Metacritic, the media review aggregate site, has gathered many of the critic reviews released ahead of the game’s launch. As of writing, the listing for the game on Metacritic currently shows it with a Metascore of 95, based on 85 critic reviews of the game that used a numeric scoring system. Comparing this Metascore to that of every other PS4 game, God of War is now the highest rated new PS4 release yet. The only two PS4 games that surpass this are the PS4 ports of Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us, both of which originally released on the PS3, making God of War the highest rated game first releasing on the PS4. The next-closest Metascores for PS4 games are a 94 for XCOM 2 and a 93 for Persona 5, Metal Gear Solid 5, and Uncharted 4.

It should be noted that this Metascore could very likely change once the game releases and more reviews come in ahead of its launch. Also, a game’s Metascore does not necessarily mean that the game is guaranteed any level of financial success. Still, this does sound very promising for gamers looking forward to sinking their teeth, or axes, in this new God of War game. Hopefully, it does live up to the hype and breathe new life into the story of Kratos. What do you guys think about God of War becoming the highest rated new PS4 game? Let us know in the comments below!

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