Final Fantasy VII Remake ‘Intergrade’ Announced Featuring Yuffie (VIDEO)

Final Fantasy VII Remake 'Intergrade' Announced Featuring Yuffie (VIDEO)

Sony’s State of Play presentation was, well, certainly something, and one could argue that the entirety of the show was rescued by the presence of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The Square Enix RPG remake was firing on all barrels today with the announcement of a new PS5 exclusive episode featuring Yuffie, the Ninja from Wutai.

As revealed during today’s State of Play presentation, Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to the PS5 as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, featuring improved visuals, quality of life features, and the new episode featuring Yuffie. Said episode appears to take place at least partially during the period of time when Cloud is off hanging out with Aerith, and as such it appears to include some of the previously reported cut content from the game. Check out the trailer below:

Yuffie shows up in Midgar initially wearing a disguise and doing, well, something completely separate from Cloud and friends. The dialogue explains why she has no interaction with the primary members of AVALANCHE, though it still feels weird seeing her so far removed from the grassy plains where the team would normally encounter her for the first time. Overall Square Enix seems to have done a good job implementing Yuffie into the remake with her personality intact, even giving her a hilarious “Get rekt!” line that she uses when battling a boss. It’s unfortunate that the Yuffie content will only be available for PS5, though that may change when the timed exclusivity of Final Fantasy VII Remake ends in a few months.

Final Fantasy VII Remake 'Intergrade' Announced Featuring Yuffie (VIDEO)

By the by, one other important thing to note is that one of the baddies from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus shows up at the very end of the above trailer. Yep, that’s Weiss. We don’t know how he’ll fit into the episode with Yuffie, but Weiss’ inclusion in Intergrade suggests that we may see further elements from Dirge of Cerberus in future parts of the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade releases for the PS5 on June 10th, 2021.

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