Final Fantasy VII Remake Reportedly Cut A Full Chapter Featuring Tifa

Final Fantasy VII Remake Reportedly Cut A Full Chapter Featuring Tifa

The Final Fantasy VII Remake almost included a portion of the story that was excluded from the original game, though the idea apparently ended up on the cutting-room floor. The info comes by way of a translation of the recently released Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania, which revealed that the missing content was an entire chapter wherein the player played as Tifa.

The translation comes by way of Aitai Kuji founder Audrey Lamsam, who recently took to Twitter to break down what was unfortunately cut from the final game. According to Lamsam, the chapter would have taken place prior to Cloud and Aerith’s arrival in Sector 6 (Wall Market) and would have followed Tifa as she learned about the looming threat to Sector 7, spurring her on to set up a meeting with Don Corneo.

Much like the original game, we don’t see Tifa at any point between Cloud’s fall from the Mako Reactor and their pseudo-reunion near the Sector 6 playground. When they finally meet up, Tifa simply tells Cloud that she heard about a potential threat and that she was going to press Don Corneo for some answers. The cut story likely would have fit within the game while Cloud is exploring Aerith’s little village, with a potential cut-away point being when he goes to have dinner at Aerith’s home.

Many – myself included – would have loved to have seen the AVALANCHE hideout, as Cloud takes a trip down there in the original game. Combining that with the fact that Tifa was easily one of the best-portrayed characters of the Remake and it makes one wonder why Square Enix chose to nix the chapter. Unfortunately nothing will likely come of this knowledge, though it’s nice to be able to picture what could have been.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available exclusively for the PS4. Part 2 of the Remake series is now in development.

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