Final Fantasy VII Remake, Everything We Know So Far (VIDEO)

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Everything We Know So Far

The upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake is expected to have an impact on the gaming landscape similar to that of, well, a meteor crashing into Midgar. That said, Square Enix still has a lot of work to do before releasing what can potentially make or break the collective trust of old school FF7 fans worldwide. While the publisher has released the occasional tidbit here and there, new content and news will likely be scarce until E3 2018, where hopefully Square Enix will release a new trailer or provide some concrete details about the game. In the meantime, here’s everything we know so far.

Announced back in 2015, the Final Fantasy VII Remake has been in development since 2014. It has been confirmed that the title will release first for the PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One and PC version of the game coming at a later date. One point of controversy that immediately sprung up was due to the revealed episodic nature of the game. This is largely because of how massive of an undertaking the reconstruction of Final Fantasy VII will be, especially where as a remake it won’t simply be a shot-for-shot copy of the original. In regards to the game being released in episodes, producer Yoshinori Kitase wrote in a blog post that “a proper HD remake” would not fit within a single installment and maintain the “same feeling of density of the original.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Everything We Know So Far

Square Enix was originally making use of third party developer CyberConnect2, though due to a quality issue the entire project was shifted inwards, with the publisher going on a hiring spree to bulk up its team for the remake. The problems with CyberConnect2 combined with falsely reported news from the 30th Anniversary Final Fantasy Exhibition earlier this year resulted in some release date rumors that suggested that the remake would not be released until closer to 2023. Thankfully these rumors have since been debunked, with development on the Final Fantasy VII Remake reportedly going smoothly.

Of course, any projects of this magnitude will naturally attract rumors regarding the content of the game. One of the more popular rumors involve the fate of Aerith, and how much money Square Enix could rake in should they choose to come up with a way to save the last Ancient’s life via some sort of pay-for DLC. Thankfully, according to Yoshinori Kitase, nothing of the sort will happen. “Officially there is no way to bring her back to life,” Kitase said. Aerith can rest in peace, and Cloud will hopefully remember to bring his Phoenix Downs next time.

One of the most recent bits of new content we’ve seen came from a recruitment page for the remake. In what can only be assumed was a huge mistake given the massive amounts of hype for the game, a picture of Cloud facing off against one of the game’s earlier bosses, Air Buster, can be seen behind and to the right of one of the game’s developers. Check it out below:

Anything can happen between now and the release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Hopefully fans will be given something more to look forward to at E3 2018. In the meantime, other Final Fantasy offerings such as Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT and Dissidia: Final Fantasy Opera Omnia can give you the Cloud & Sephiroth fix we all could use while we await the remake.

So, thoughts on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake? What part of the game are you most looking forward to experiencing on current-gen consoles? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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