Final Fantasy VII Rumor Suggests The Remake May Be In Trouble

Final Fantasy VII rumor

It has been three years since the official announcement of Square Enix remaking FFVII. The prospect of one of the most popular titles in the franchise getting an overhaul created huge hype among fans. Now, it would seem a recent Final Fantasy VII rumor may be bearing bad news to fans who have been waiting patiently.

Reports had already suggested that Square Enix was dumping work done by CyberConnect 2, the company who was partnered to work on the remakes action gameplay and issues in video quality, to start over. A new Final Fantasy VII rumor may have revealed that things are much worse than fans had thought. A Reddit thread from a game designer supposedly sheds light on a game on the edge of collapse.

Final Fantasy VII rumor

Dan Tsukasa, the poster on Reddit and a game designer who was the art director for FFVII, unloaded on the thread. His remarks claim that while Square Enix stated that they sunk four years into the project, the real number is only two. According to the Final Fantasy VII rumor, CyberConnect 2 had presented work that was completely unusable and the company had no choice but to scrap it.

When has a company taking work away from another company ever been a positive sign of things? I know CyberConnect’s work was unusable, I’ve worked with them before, I know their level. And I know they outsourced to hell and back in order to get things to the point we saw them publicly, and it still wasn’t enough to save them. I’m not speculating though. I’ve worked with these people and know people working still at both Square and CC2, I’m explaining what happened from what I know.”

When asked if he knows anyone working on the team at that time, Tsukasa stated that he did. Given the size of Square Enix, he says it was rare not to know anyone working on their projects. At the end of it, however, he admitted that he couldn’t prove that he knew these people because he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s career. Unfortunately, without some kind of proof, this Final Fantasy VII rumor is just that. For now, Square is keeping quiet about the project entirely and has not come forward with any information to confirm or deny the rumors.

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