Fall Guys Crowns Easier To Earn In Season 2

Fall Guys

One of the most pleasant surprises in gaming this year has been the wholesome mayhem of Fall Guys. Some of the biggest compelling aspects of the upcoming second season are the new costumes available for players’ bean characters, however many have been frustrated at the number of crowns needed to access some of the more coveted costumes. In response to these complaints, it seems that Fall Guys crowns are going to be easier to earn.

Mediatonic made the announcement regarding Fall Guys crowns on the game’s official Twitter account. For season 2, crowns earned just by playing the game will be increased by 600%, making the featured costumes more accessible to players. Previously, the only way to earn crowns would be to either be the first place winner of a given game, or to gain the few free crowns included in the season pass through playing and leveling up. However, the current season pass had only included 3 freebie crowns.

Now, the second season will make 21 crowns potentially obtainable through playtime. It will still take a significant amount of playtime to earn these, but they are nonetheless available for those less skilled in the game. Mediatonic has not specifically mentioned future seasons regarding crowns, but it would make sense that they keep crown scarcity in mind in future seasons. Considering that this has little bearing on the actual mechanics or competitiveness of gameplay, it’s great to see the devs making such a nice gesture to their players. Hopefully players take full advantage of these free crowns, although they should be warned: Heavy is the bean that wears the crowns.

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