Return To Monkey Island Announced By Devolver Digital (VIDEO)

Return To Monkey Island

While the gaming industry is still fairly young compared to other forms of media, it still has a rich history with many classic stories and franchises. One particular genre that has ebbed and flowed in presence throughout the years has been the point-and-click adventure game. The golden era of this genre is largely embodied by the various adventure games made by Lucasarts in the early 90s. One such game to come from this era is The Secret of Monkey Island, which many considered to be one of the best adventure games ever. Now, Devolver Digital has announced a Return To Monkey Island game being in the works.

Devolver Digital announced the Return To Monkey Island game with a teaser on their official YouTube channel recently. The teaser is quite minimal and brief, mostly just showing a pirate crew of skeleton ghosts, one of which is playing a sea shanty. The animation seems to indicate a return to the classic cartoon-like 2D art-style for the series. Logos seen in the teaser also confirm that Devolver Digital will be working with Lucasfilm Games, which holds the legacy torch that the original Lucasarts did with the first Monkey Island games.

Return To Monkey Island

Other details confirmed by the teaser include the return of series creator Ron Gilbert to work on the Return To Monkey Island. Also confirmed is voice actor Dominic Amato reprising his role as series protagonist Guybrush Threepwood. The release date for the game is currently slated to fall some time in 2022. This is a long-awaited return for the franchise, which returned in 2009 with the Telltale Games episodic series of Monkey Island games, with remasters of the original two games also being released around that time. For Monkey Island fans, it’s time to brush up on their swash-buckling quips and pirate lingo, matey.

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