Devolver Digital Showcase: Everything Announced At The Event (VIDEO)

Devolver Digital Summer Game Fest

Though the majority of conferences during the E3/Summer Game Fest season tend to operate their announcements in a concise and nonsense-free manner, this has definitely not been the philosophy of Devolver Digital. As has become a tradition at this point, the company’s annual “Big Fancy Press Conference” regularly adopts a bizarre and satirical approach to its announcements, with the 2021 proceedings keeping the same spirit alive with the streaming service-esque branding of Devolver MaxPass+.

Check out all the announcements from this year’s Devolver Digital showcase, as well as the fantastic event itself, below.


Shadow Warrior 3

Though Shadow Warrior 3 has been announced for quite a while now, developer Flying Wild Hog kicked off the Devolver Digital showcase with a lovely new piece of gameplay. Presenting a fast-paced and DOOM-like type of shooter, the new footage depicts an exciting and decidedly gory takedown of various demon enemies as well as a few monstrous bosses. As of now, Shadow Warrior 3 doesn’t have a concrete release date, but the intense shooter is confirmed to release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later in 2021.


Phantom Abyss

Tasking players with retrieving sacred relics from a series of procedurally generated and booby-trapped dungeons, Phantom Abyss is already a pretty interesting idea for a game on paper. However, the upcoming project from developer Team WIBY takes things even further by adding an asynchronous multiplayer component, allowing players to witness and compete against the ghostly projections of those who ultimately failed their runs. A full release for the title isn’t set as of yet, but Phantom Abyss is set to launch in Steam Early Access on June 22nd.


Trek To Yomi

If Ghost of Tsushima was a black-and-white 2D side-scroller, it would probably turn out something like Flying Wild Hog’s Trek To Yomi. Boasting visuals reminiscent of old school samurai films, the feudal Japan-set action title follows a young swordsman named Hiroki who vows to safeguard his town from evil as a promise to his dying master. Based on initial footage, the game appears to lean heavily into its cinematic presentation, with film-grained visuals and a score that pays tribute to martial arts stories of old.

As of now, Trek To Yomi is set to release for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S sometime in 2022.


Wizard With A Gun

Next up during the Devolver Digital event, sandbox survival title Wizard with a Gun debuted a particularly interesting trailer. Developed by Galvanic Games, the footage didn’t show a whole lot in terms of gameplay, but it did establish its very unique steampunk aesthetic centered around magic, crafting, and a whole lot of guns. In the pursuit of loot, players will be able to customize their character, explore randomly generated biomes, and encounter a variety of interesting/unstable creatures. Wizard with a Gun is set to release for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022.


Death’s Door

For months now, developer Acid Nerve has been showing off its next big release with the stylish adventure game Death’s Door. The upcoming title has appeared to be a lovely afterlife take on the Legend of Zelda formula, following a sword-brandishing crow as they usher the souls of the dead to the other side. However, when a wayward soul leads our winged hero to “a realm untouched by death,” events kick up a notch as all manner of bizarre and formidable enemies appear to stand in their way. Death’s Door releases for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on July 20th.



Who doesn’t love a good board game? The answer is typically, “nobody,” but it looks like developer Daniel Mullins Games is aiming to flip the genre on its head with the upcoming horror title Inscryption. Billed as combining deck-builders, escape-room puzzles, and psychological horror, the revealed footage depicts the title as taking place in some sort of spooky cabin, with a foreboding force repeatedly compelling the player to continue playing at all costs, even amid some increasingly eerie imagery. As of now, Inscryption is set to release for PC later this year.


Devolver Tumble Time

Now, here’s the part where Devolver’s off-the-wall humor crosses the threshold into reality. Presented as a colorful physics-based puzzle game, Devolver Tumble Time was revealed as an all-new mobile experience coming to Android and iOS. Utilizing “elegant monetization” and “strategic brand integration,” the face-tumbling title employs all manner of characters from under the Devolver Digital umbrella “that you’ve never even heard of.” The whole thing looks like a wonderfully self-aware joke, but it’s real and is set to arrive later this year.


Demon Throttle

As part of the finale of the Devolver Digital presentation, the company made one of its most unique reveals of the day with Gato Roboto developer Doinksoft’s upcoming Demon Throttle. For starters, the shooter game pulls off a nostalgic retro NES aesthetic, appearing as though it was a lost gem from a bygone era. Continuing on the retro route, Devolver additionally announced Demon Throttle will be a physical-exclusive release when it launches for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.


Following the Devolver Digital event, E3 2021/ Summer Game Fest is all set to continue with another set of big events from Xbox, Bethesda, and Square Enix. What do you think? Were you impressed with the Devolver MaxPass+ presentation, or are you simply all about Shadow Warrior 3? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day!

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