Fall Guys Free To Play

Fall Guys Free To Play Coming To All Platforms Next Month

The internet has notably impacted the video game, as an art form and as an industry, throughout the 21st century so far. One notable way that it has impacted the…

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Return To Monkey Island

Return To Monkey Island Announced By Devolver Digital (VIDEO)

While the gaming industry is still fairly young compared to other forms of media, it still has a rich history with many classic stories and franchises. One particular genre that…

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Fall Guys Season 5

Fall Guys Season 5 Trailer Reveals Jungle Theme, Spelunky Costume (VIDEO)

One of the biggest and perhaps most unexpected multiplayer games to arise in the industry this past year has been Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The game show-like mayhem of the…

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Devolver Digital Summer Game Fest

Devolver Digital Showcase: Everything Announced At The Event (VIDEO)

Though the majority of conferences during the E3/Summer Game Fest season tend to operate their announcements in a concise and nonsense-free manner, this has definitely not been the philosophy of…

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Fall Guys Squads

Fall Guys Squads Mode Being Added With Season 4

With the game being out for barely a year, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has quickly cemented itself as one of the top online multiplayer games in the industry. The fun…

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Fall Guys Among Us

Fall Guys Season 4 Trailer Teases Among Us Crossover (VIDEO)

Since being teased earlier this month, Fall Guys has had a colorful season waiting in the wings, with the battle royale’s signature jellybean-shaped contestants seemingly sporting some retro-futuristic new digs….

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Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys Season 4 Teases Futuristic New Level (VIDEO)

Online gaming has many favorite titles, with one of the newer top games to rise into popularity being Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The platforming game-show style mayhem of Fall Guys…

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Fall Guys

Fall Guys Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Summer (VIDEO)

Today’s Nintendo Direct was filled with some amazing new content, including some great news for our favorite little jellybeans. It has been announced that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be…

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Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 3.5 Teases New Level, DLC, Costumes, And More

Players have been jumping into Fall Guys recently to get their hands on the DOOM costumes, climb the Crown Ranks, and have an overall fun time. That said, the devs…

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Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital Teases Five Unannounced Games For 2021

If there is one company that continues to seemingly bring the heat each year, it’s likely Devolver Digital. The beloved indie publisher already had a fairly packed 2021 scheduled, but…

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