Exit the Gungeon

Exit The Gungeon Arriving On Steam This Spring

Popular run and gun roguelike Enter the Gungeon received a follow-up title back in October of last year, but it was only exclusive to Apple Arcade. That said, Dodge Roll…

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ape out screenshot 4

‘Ape Out’ Free On Epic Games Store For Today Only (VIDEO)

The Epic Games Store has been offering gamers new freebies each and every week, but that number has multiplied considerably for the current holiday season. For twelve days, fans are…

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Weird West

Weird West Action RPG Revealed By Devolver Digital (VIDEO)

Another Game Awards have come and gone, and with it, the entire gaming industry was allowed to share a night looking back on the past year, as well as the…

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Metal Wolf Chaos XD Release Date Revealed With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Release Date Revealed With New Trailer (VIDEO)

In the land of strangely named video games, Metal Wolf Chaos has a long and storied history, originally having been released as an Xbox exclusive for Japan way back in…

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Telltale Cancelled Stranger Things Game Devolver Digital

Telltale’s Cancelled Stranger Things Game Could Go To Devolver Digital (VIDEO)

The recent talent exodus of developer Telltale Games has left many with a bad taste in their mouth with many former employees currently out of work and several previously announced…

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SCUM Removes Nazi References Following Backlash, Developer Responds

SCUM Removes Nazi Imagery Following Backlash, Developer Issues Apology

Since its showcase back at E3 2018, the open world survival game SCUM has captured the attention of gamers due to its expansive levels of progression and customization, garnering a…

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Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Teaser Trailer Revealed At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

If gamers had ever wondered what it would be like to battle mechs on the White House lawn, look no further than Metal Wolf Chaos XD. The latest teaser trailer…

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SCUM Receives Teaser Trailer At E3 2018, Entering Early Access Soon (VIDEO)

Many of you may remember the wildest show on Earth during last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. We, of course, are referring to Devolver Digital’s conference, which featured quite the display…

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Bullet Ballet Title My Friend Pedro Announced At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

Bullet Ballet Title ‘My Friend Pedro’ Announced At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

Of all the exciting new titles that were announced today between Bethesda Softworks and Devolver Digital’s E3 2018 presentations, this one is easily the most, well, bananas. Announced by Devolver…

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Genital Jousting

Genital Jousting Coming Out Of Early Access Soon – New Story Mode Inbound, Still NSFW

This should maybe go without saying, but when it comes to a game like Genital Jousting, it’s safe to assume anything related will be completely NSFW. That being said, Devolver…

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