Dragon Age Inquisition Fanfiction Penned By Former Bioware Writer, Get Your Dorian Fix Here

David Gaider was once a writer for Bioware however after 17 years with the studio he left, moving on to other projects. He worked on a great deal of titles over his years with the company, most notably the Dragon Age franchise. After he left the studio, Gaider has never been shy about admitting it was a difficult decision to make – even harder to say goodbye to some of his beloved characters. His latest Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction shows the truth in his statement.

Published on Medium, this piece of fanfiction is called “The Final Conversation” and adds a small bit to the tale of Dorian as he returns home for his father’s funeral in Tevinter. There, he preforms a necromatic spell which allows the two to have one last conversation. While a short tale, it is quite interesting and extremely emotionally charged. Though it is important to note that Gaider made it clear that the tale is by no means ‘canon.’

I don’t work for BioWare any longer, and while I created and wrote Dorian for “Dragon Age: Inquisition”, this is purely fanfiction — a little story that planted itself in my head after a recent conversation over drinks, one which wouldn’t go away until I wrote it. Revisiting Dorian was both easier than I feared but harder than I’d imagined, so take this for what it’s worth…just a bit of time spent having fun with an old friend.”

Dorian was one of the more interesting characters in Dragon Age Inquisition and it’s nice to return to his story, even if it’s not necessarily part of the official lore. Many of us here at DFTG fell in love with our favourite northern mage and to have any part of his story to enjoy once more was definitely a treat.

Read his full story here! 

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