Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods Are Bringing New Characters Into The Game (VIDEO)

Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently enjoying a solid reception and it doesn’t take Ultra Instinct to see why. Anime-inspired visuals and endless easter eggs have contributed to fans’ fighting frenzy, but the expanded character roster is definitely where the game ascends to a new level. However inclusive it may be, some fan-favorite characters haven’t yet made the cut, and rather than wait for eventual DLC, a few Dragon Ball FighterZ mods aim to make those fighters a reality on PC.

One mod by YouTube user “Mastaklo” has figured out a way to add base form Goku and a Saiyan-armored Vegeta to the fight roster. While not expressly stated, the mod seemingly makes use of the characters’ leaked character models that first appeared via a recent data mine. If so, it’d be no surprise why the two fit in so well. Check it out in the video below:

Another of these rising Dragon Ball FighterZ mods changes the character of Gohan into a much more fearsome character just by simply turning his hair white. Creating this look, a modder with the handle “CrossCoder” looks to have pulled inspiration from Dragon Ball GT villain Baby Vegeta, replicating the possessive character’s distinct white hair style. This new custom creation named “Gohan Blanco” can be seen in the video below:

Vegeta ascends to an unthinkable form with the next mod. Previously only held by homegrown gods, Super Saiyan Rosé is now in the grasp of the Saiyan Prince thanks to YouTuber and mod aficionado “Mizumi”. Sporting Goku Black’s familiar black duds/pink do combo, Vegeta Black can now unleash his own godly power. Check him out in the video below:


Lastly, Mizumi lays down their steps on how anyone could cook up their own mods. The process seen in the video below involves a few downloads, extractions, file renames, and other things of that nature. While confirming Dragon Ball FighterZ mods can work online, Mizumi warns that altering anything but cosmetics will likely result in the almighty ban hammer, so use accordingly. The necessary files required to bring on these mods can be found in the links provided by the videos.


What do you think? Are you aboard the modding hype train, or are you too much of a purist when it comes to Dragon Ball lore? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more modding awesomeness from recent weeks, check out these next few links:

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