DOOM Modder Makes The Game Playable On A Pregnancy Test (VIDEO)

DOOM Modder Makes The Game Playable On A Pregnancy Test (VIDEO)

As gaming has evolved and grown in its connection to the internet, modders have seen their creations evolve and increase in their individuality. Modders have had their fascination with specific games like Skyrim and Super Mario Bros, and seeing what devices that they can make the classic games work on. One particular fixation has been putting the classic 1993 game Doom on unorthodox machines, ranging from graphing calculators to McDonald’s cash registers. A recent machine that modders have attempted new projects with have been disposable pregnancy tests, and now one modder has made a Doom pregnancy test port playable.

Twitter user Foone recently shared their latest modding project, a Doom pregnancy test port, on their Twitter account. Foone has been known to work on modding projects with older unlikely technology, such as Leap Frog and VTech educational computers. Foone’s most recent fascination has been with disposable pregnancy tests, particularly ones with pixelated screens. The past few weeks, Foone had been looking at the computing capabilities within the test’s simple computer.

Once Foone felt comfortable trying to run an executable program on the pregnancy test, they felt it right for none other than the original Doom to be the test program to run on the device. First, they ran a video of the game on the device, then with enough fan response, Foone ran the full Doom pregnancy test port. The small monochrome screen makes it difficult to fully see or play the game, but the definition of the iconic rooms and up-close Imps can be seen fairly well. It isn’t the prettiest version of the game, but it is quite interesting to see the game running fairly smoothly on a machine meant to be peed on and then thrown in the trash. While it isn’t the new life the pregnancy test was intended for, it did give new life to Doom in a way it’s never seen before.

What do you guys think about this playable Doom pregnancy test? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest modding news, such as the modder that made Skyrim playable on a pregnancy test, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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