DOOM Eternal Trailer

New DOOM Eternal Trailer Sets Up One Hell Of A Fight (VIDEO)

DOOM Eternal is only a little over two months away from being released, which means fans all around the world will soon be able to rip and tear their way…

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DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal To Feature An Optional ‘Classic Weapon View’ (VIDEO)

The rebooted DOOM franchise has done exceptionally well, bringing the classic feel of the originals while building on the experience to create something fresh. The upcoming DOOM Eternal looks to…

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sigil doom id software bethesda

New DOOM Update Adds Final DOOM And Sigil For Free (VIDEO)

This week, Bethesda and id Software hosted a lengthy livestream event on Twitch, revealing a variety of DOOM-related news and updates to fans that had a chance to tune in….

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DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Delayed Until Next Year

DOOM fans have been getting excited for the release of the upcoming sequel to 2016’s hit entry, and while it was originally set to arrive next month, players will have…

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A McDonald's Cash Register Was Successfully Modded To Play Doom

A McDonald’s Cash Register Was Successfully Modded To Play Doom

The modding community has been synonymous with gaming as long as the internet has had a gaming culture scene, and the creativity of modders has only grown over the years….

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DOOM mod

‘Brutal’ Mod Combines DOOM And Minecraft Into A Violent Shooter (VIDEO)

DOOM’s modding community is legendary for its longevity and creativity. Every year there seems to be a new DOOM Mod that completely changes the game into something original and astounding….

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DOOM Eternal "The Best Thing We've Ever Done," Says Game Director

DOOM Eternal “The Best Thing We’ve Ever Done,” Says Game Director

id Software revitalized the beloved DOOM franchise back in 2016, bringing to the forefront of the game industry an exciting and satisfying shooter featuring the silent-but-ornery doomguy. Now, with DOOM…

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DOOM 64 Nintendo Switch

DOOM 64 Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

A PEGI rating appeared earlier this year for DOOM 64 on PC and PlayStation 4, and since it popped up during QuakeCon, many were expecting the game to be revealed…

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DOOM movie trailer

New DOOM Movie Trailer Unveiled And It’s Definitely Something (VIDEO)

There comes a point in time where we must face facts, such as the realization that the upcoming DOOM movie is very much indeed still a thing that is happening….

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doom eternal doom hunter enemy

DOOM Eternal Reveals New DOOM Hunter Enemy (VIDEO)

During QuakeCon 2019, Bethesda and their studios celebrated the 25th anniversary of the DOOM franchise by dubbing this year’s festivities respectively. In addition to a host of events, panels, activities,…

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