DOOM Eternal Gameplay Demo, Battlemode, And Story Details Revealed (VIDEO)

Are you ready to pop a Berserker power up and Rip n’ Tear all over again? Well, Bethesda has you covered with the highly anticipated sequel to 2016’s DOOM with DOOM…

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Rage 2 BFG

Rage 2: How To Get The BFG (VIDEO)

Avalanche Studios and id Software’s next big post-apocalyptic shooter is just hours away from launch, which means fans are gearing up to shoot everything in sight and blow it all…

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Rage 2 Developers

Rage 2 Players Will Be Able To Use DOOM’s BFG 9000 (VIDEO)

We’re just about a month away from the release of Rage 2 and all of its explosive goodness that players will be able to enjoy. That said, we’ve recently learned…

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DOOM Devs Doom Annihilation

DOOM Devs Immediately Distance Themselves Upon DOOM Annihilation Movie Reveal

The gaming side of the internet was seemingly set ablaze yesterday with the reveal of DOOM: Annihilation, the direct-to-video movie that is apparently based on the glorious video game franchise….

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Doom Annihilation

First Doom: Annihilation Trailer Revealed (VIDEO)

We recently got a chance to see what the upcoming Doom: Annihilation film is all about through the reveal of images, the synopsis, and more. That said, the first trailer…

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New DOOM Annihilation Movie Details, Images, And Synopsis Revealed

The original DOOM film from 2005 will receive its well-deserved reboot later this year. Despite the fact that the titled DOOM film didn’t get a chance to reveal itself with…

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Mortal Kombat 11, DOOM Getting the Collectibles Treatment From McFarlane Toys

Mortal Kombat 11, DOOM, And More Getting the Collectibles Treatment From McFarlane Toys

As New York Toy Fair is currently up and running, collectible enthusiasts are gathering from all over the world to scoop up the event’s spiffy array of wares and take…

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Doomba Makes Your Robotic Vacuum A Doom Map-Making Master

For those not in the know, a Roomba is a delightful little robotic vacuum that will, through the magic of sensors, clean the floors of any given room in your…

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DOOM Film Reboot Won’t Feature Barons Of Hell, Says Director

The director for Resident Evil: Afterlife and writer of the Death Race series comes back with full force as the director for the DOOM film reboot. While fans of the…

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ARGcast #141: Celebrating DOOM and Dusk with Dave Oshry

ARGcast: Celebrating DOOM and Dusk with Dave Oshry (PODCAST)

Rip and tear with us and returning guest Dave Oshry of New Blood to talk about the release of his retro FPS Dusk and celebrate 25 years of DOOM! Merry…

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