Devil May Cry Voice Actor Teases New Capcom Vs Fighting Game

Devil May Cry Voice Actor

After a few games with features that irked some fans, the past years have seen a resurgence from Capcom as one of gaming’s most beloved and highly-praised publishers. Their newest Resident Evil games have seen a welcome return to the series’ survival-horror roots and last year’s Devil May Cry 5 was quite well-received by critics. Perhaps the franchise that has best encapsulated Capcom’s fanbase has been their “Capcom Vs” crossover fighting games, which celebrates each of their franchises in a singular experience. Now, a Devil May Cry voice actor has hinted a new game in the series may be in the works.

Devil May Cry voice actor Brian Hanford recently shared a new tweet on his official Twitter account regarding his most recent projects. As Hanford provides the voice of V from the game, the post could very well tease his involvement on a new Capcom Vs crossover fighting game. He does not confirm that he is portraying V in the game, but does seem to imply that he may voice a “familiar” Capcom character that players would already have been introduced to in other games.

However, in the short time since the post went live, Hanford has since denied any knowledge about future Capcom projects, establishing that his tweet was inspired by an unspecified “Instagram ad” featuring familiar Capcom characters. “Let me be 100% clear, I have NO KNOWLEDGE of any new Capcom games or the potential of what any of their games may entail,” the post revealed. “This tweet was about me being a big fan & seeing an Instagram ad about Capcom characters. Again, please understand, I am in no way teasing or revealing info.”

The last Capcom Vs game to be released was Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite back in 2017. The game was somewhat poorly-received when compared with previous MvC games, leaving room for an eventual follow-up to return to another crossover like Capcom Vs Tatsunoko, Capcom Vs SNK, or a brand-new series entirely. While Hanford denies his “tease” was legitimate, a new game could still be a possibility with big Nintendo Direct and PlayStation reveal events coming up soon. For now, the speculation begins as to what this game might be. Hopefully, it’s one so good, it might even make the Devil Cry.

Do you guys think this Devil May Cry voice actor is working on a new Capcom Vs game? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Devil May Cry news, such as Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Evil confirmed for this year, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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