Here’s Everything We Know About Destiny 2 Subclass Abilities, Skill Trees, and More (In Progress)

To say that the world-wide reveal trailer of Destiny 2 was a success would be a massive understatement. Twitter was one of the many social media forums that blew up with a surprising amount of hype regarding the next step in the Destiny-verse, given the rough reception its predecessor received. With live demos and the many teasers that Bungie has provided, there’s definitely a lot to be excited about. With a new game comes new abilities and new subclasses, we’ve compiled what we know so far about Destiny 2 subclass abilities, skill trees, and more to help players get excited about this revamped franchise.

Striker Titan

  • Super: Fist of Havok (will work different on PC)
    • The Fist of Havok will be a roaming Super, so it won’t be one of those skills to use once and wait an ungodly amount of time to utilise again
    • Strikers can slam enemies into surfaces multiple times
    • Should attack implemented, can be compared to the Sunstrike
  • Jumps
    • Height increase
    • More player control with movement
    • Catapult – gives the player faster momentum to lead a charge
  • Grenades
    • No change from the previous title: Pulse Grenade, Lightning Grenade, and Flashbang Grenade
  • Class Specific Abilities
    • Rally Barricade: a small, temporary cover that allows the player to aim strategically on an enemy while also providing an instant reload to the player’s weapon when in cover
    • Towering Barricade: Larger than the Rally, an asset when overwhelmed to gain cover
  • Skill Tree Builds:
    • Code of Juggernaut – buffs melee abilities creating a tank-class while also providing means for speed
      • Trample: Causes the Fist of Havok to last longer, paired with a sprinting Titan
      • Reversal: Melee kill provides health regen
      • Knockout: Taking down shields provides a buff to the player’s range specifically with melee
      • Frontal Assault: A melee attack that provides a weapon balance buff
        • Second Build – Unnamed 
          • Aerial Strike: Buff to Fist of Havok mid-air
          • Shoulder Charge: Prompt allows for a powerful shoulder slam after sprinting
          • Aftermath: Super imposes enemy confusion giving ample opportunity for attack while increasing the damage dealt
          • Magnitude: Grenade effects last longer while also buffing the Aftermath

Dawnblade Warlock – A New Subclass for Destiny 2

The Dawnblade Warlock is a Solar subclass – at this time, it looks to be replacing the Sunsinger from the first game

  • Super: Daybreak
    • Forms blades from Solar light for an aerial attack
    • Attack works both as aerial and boots on ground
    • The Warlock becomes encased completely in fire to create these blades for a high damage count
  • Jumps
    • Focused Burst: Glide speed boost
    • Balanced Glide: Speed control
    • Controlled Glide: Directional control
  • Grenades
    • No noticeable change from the first Destiny: Fusion Grenade, Firebolt Grenade, Solar Grenade
  • Class Specific Abilities
    • Healing Rift: Uses light as a support for teammates
    • Empowering Rift: Much like the Healing Rift, this ability uses light to instead increase the attack of teammates, versus focusing on healing
  • Skill Tree Builds
    • Attunement of Sky – One of two builds that Guardians can choose from
      • Phoenix Dive: Regenerates player health with a prompt to accelerate the descend ability
      • Risen Angel: Hovers mid-air to give players the ability to sight on an enemy for powerful damage
      • Igniting Touch: A Melee attack that will make hostile forces explode
      • Skyfire: Use when Daybreak is ongoing, wherever the player lands there will be a large amount of damage dealt upon impact
        • Second Build – Again, Unnamed
          • Wildfire: Allows for controlled aerial attacks and the ability to utilise weaponry and grenades while gliding
          • Firestarter: Increases player movement speed while increasing melee damage
          • Blazing Dash: When prompted, allows for players to dodge while in-flight
          • Everlasting Flames: If a player kills an enemy force with the Super Daybreak, the Super’s life will extend for a short period of time

Dawnblade Warlocks are a powerful support class that provide powerful buffs to allies while housing strong attack abilities, as well.

Gunslinger Hunter

  • Super: Golden Gun – flaming pistol, much like the first game
    • There was no real change from the first Destiny to Destiny 2, however the team behind this title did provide techniques to modify it in-game to add unique characteristics
  • Jumps
    • Strafe Jump: Control over direction
    • High Jump: Double jump
    • Triple Jump
  • Grenades
    • No noticeable change from the first Destiny: Tripmine Grenade, Swarm Grenade, Incendiary Grenade
  • Class specific Abilities
    • Marksman’s Dodge: Reloads the player’s weapon mid-dodge
    • Gambler’s Dodge: Melee force created if the Hunter dodges near hostiles
  • Skill Tree Builds
    • Way of the Outlaw – All about accuracy
      • Chain of Woe: Weapon reload buff with Precision Kills
      • Explosive Knife: Self-explanatory, but it’s a knife that can be thrown and it explodes upon impact
      • Bombs for Bullseyes: Grenade Energy that is generated from utlising Precision Hits
      • Six-Shooter: Shorter duration for Golden Gun Super, but does provide quick fire
        • Second Build – Once More With Feeling, It’s ‘Unnamed’
          • Crowd Pleaser: Orbs of Light for teammates are produced when Precision Hits are combined with Golden Gun
          • Knife Juggler: Throws a knife at hostiles once melee energy is at max capacity
          • Gunslinger’s Trance: When the player enters a trance utilising Precision Kill, this allows a cooldown buff to Golden Gun
          • Line ‘Em Up: Damage and duration buff to Golden Gun

Gunslinger Hunters work well solo as well as in teams, versus the Warlock abilities that work better as a unit. The ability to deal damage is high with the Gunslinger Hunter while also giving the player enough control to be able to avoid any unnecessary damage from enemy forces.

This will be updated as more information is revealed. We’ve gotten a lot to chew on over the past few days. Some good, some concerning like the decision to go ahead with no dedicated servers. However, the PC requirements will be friendly to those with lower-end tech as well as the ability to purchase Destiny 2 with World of Warcraft tokens.

Destiny 2 will be releasing this September 8th on console, with a TBD date for its PC release. What say you, Guardians? Thoughts on Destiny 2 so far? Are you happy that the developers listened to fan-feedback and made creating a strong narrative a priority? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check DFTG out on Twitter for our 24 hour live newsfeed for all things gaming and entertainment.

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