Paragon’s Age of Intellect Update Adds New Healer “Phase” (VIDEO)

Paragon's Age

Paragon‘s Age of Intellect is the title of the latest 0.04 update for the MOBA from Epic Games. The update features changes to existing characters and cards, Golden Loot Keys, and monthly vault rewards. Most notable however is the addition of a new support character with ranged attacks, check out Phase below:

The video above details the abilities of Phase that have come with Paragon’s Age of Intellect update, however, it may not be readily apparent what this new character can do. Phase can deal damage with the best of them, however, her core strength is that she can boost her teammate’s powers. If this new character is in proximity to her teammates they will not only get boosted but will also enjoy a shared Health Regeneration ability through her Telekinetic Link.

Beyond this, Phase is also able to pull allies out of the thick of battle if things are getting too intense, drawing the character to her and out of harm’s way. When Phase is linked with another player, she can emit a Psychic Flare that creates a blast of light that blinds and damages nearby enemies. With the Hyperflux ability, Phase and her linked battle mate will have an increase in attack and movement speed, cooldown reduction, and Mana regeneration bonuses as well.

Phase isn’t the only change that came with Paragon’s Age of Intellect update. Among those changes is an update to 36 of the cards that will feature balance and updated functionality among the reworks. Here is what Epic had to say about the card changes coming throughout the year:

We’re still in the process of a full rework of the card system planned for 2017.  This release continues our trend of updating the existing card set to reflect our general direction for the future.”

Paragon’s Age of Intellect has also brought an increase in health, armor, and ability armor per CP. Health has seen an increase from 50 to 60, with armor going from 7 to 8 and ability armor has risen from 4 to 6. Loot has also gotten a bolster where players can earn stars that allow them to access Monthly Vaults. New Golden Loot Keys grant players better items when using them to unlock loot crates that may include rare items as well.

There is a current event running until the 23rd where players can earn a new banner, Sluggo’s “So Sorry” if they play ten co-op and PVP games. The event is almost up so now’s the time to join in on the fun and try out Phase for yourself. The entire update list can be viewed here!

Will Phase be a welcome addition to the Paragon community? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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