Destiny 2’s PC Version Can Be Purchased With World of Warcraft Gold

Destiny 2's PC version

It has been revealed that Destiny 2‘s PC version will be available for purchase using WoW, World of Warcraft, gold – yes, you read that right. After it was announced a few days ago that Destiny 2 for PC will use Blizzard’s own exclusively instead of the traditional Steam gaming platform, there was a list of FAQ’s posted that revealed a lot of things. Blizzard posted the list confirming things like parties, friend chat, and status icons. Also included in their FAQ was the tid-bit that included new info that Destiny 2 can be purchased using player’s Blizzard Balance.

The way this works is that your Blizzard Balance can be refilled using WoW Tokens from World of Warcraft that can be bought with World of Warcraft gold. A single WoW Token is worth $15 towards a player’s Blizzard Balance, but the amount of gold you pay for tokens varies according to whether there is a new expansion recently announced, among other factors. When it was announced that Destiny 2‘s PC version would use for example, the price reached an all time high and is currently around 120,000 for 1 WoW Token in the U.S. and you would need 4 of them (approximately 480,000 Gold) in order to purchase Destiny 2, but the numbers continue to fluctuate.


Even if players no longer keep up a subscription, if they still have WoW gold it can be spent on WoW Tokens as long as they have downloaded the game client and log themselves in. If there are any retired WoW junkies out there, this is your chance to make good use of that saved up gold that is now sitting and collecting dust. Hopefully this deal will bring in more players to Destiny 2‘s PC version and spread that space love, especially since the PC version is being released sometime after the Xbox One and PS4 release date of September 8th.

So what do the players think of this awesome deal? Do you have enough WoW Tokens to purchase Destiny 2? Let us know in the comment section below and then head on over to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page for all the latest gaming news 24/7!

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