Destiny 2 Officially Licensed Boots Revealed, Pre-Orders Starting Soon

Destiny 2 Officially Licensed Boots Revealed, Pre-Orders Starting Soon

The Bungie Store has a variety of really nifty items for players to purchase such as hats, keychains, collectible figures, even leggings all themed around the company and its primary focus at the moment, Destiny 2. While there is some pretty cool stuff in the store, players will soon be able to acquire something extra special to wear through the big city or the wilds of the world.

Bungie recently released a Tweet revealing the snazzy new boots that are being made by Palladium. The footwear company has been an established name in the footwear market for an incredibly long time, bringing the right kicks for those who explore, work, and play hard. The company has an amazing style and one that definitely fits the bill when it comes to Destiny 2 and Guardians’ choice of garments. The Destiny 2 inspired boots themselves scream Shadowkeep, with a grey base and art depicting the logo of the Aeronautics of China who established the first off-Earth colony on the moon.

The snazzy boots don’t quite have a release date yet but pre-orders are set open on October 11th of this year. A price has yet to be named as well though Palladium boots in a similar style run about $100 so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Destiny 2 boots somewhere around the $150-$200 range.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Are these fresh new Destiny 2 inspired kicks worth picking up? Let us know your thoughts on these cool Destiny 2 boots and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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