Design Your Own Custom Fortnite Skins Using This Website

Fortnite Skins

As anyone who plays Fortnite knows, presentation has become a big part of the battle royale game with players often able to show off their stylish skills via character skins. Epic Games has been pretty good at providing a plentiful assortment of them for players to utilize, but even that isn’t enough to satisfy its growing audience. For those without the know-how, making custom Fortnite skins from scratch is likely a taller task than actually getting a Victory Royale. Luckily, a site exists that allows a much more simple way to customize a character.

Though the website is pretty obviously in beta, a nice amount of options are available to assemble quite a few cool creations. The site allows users to mix and match assets from the legs, arms, body, and head of several Fortnite skins, crafting an awesome new look in the process. Yes, that also makes room for abominations like my creation seen above, but that’s just all part of the fun.

Fortnite Skins

As seen in the image directly above, the steps in making one of these creations is pretty simple. First, choose between either male or female, customize the character with the various costume items, and then it’s time to save and share the resulting coolness with friends. For those interested in making their own, the site is available here.

While crafting your own Fortnite look may provide a fun time, the jetpack-inclusive “Close Encounters” mode is currently the big event at the moment. But if that doesn’t pique interest, the “loads of llamas” in the new PlayGround mode is sure to make players happy. Fortnite‘s cosmetic refunds are also on the way to return, but if even more money is of interest then keeping an eye on Epic Games’ $100,000,000 competitions probably wouldn’t be the worst idea.

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