WATCH: Dystopian Survival Game We Happy Few Delayed Again

We Happy Few is unique in that it offers an eerily bright and happy theme to dystopian survival games, which are more often than not teetering toward grunge, weathered aesthetics. Instead, jolly faces and bright decor is a deceitful twist to adrenaline inducing gameplay. However, unfortunate news comes from developer Compulsion Games as We Happy Few faces a delay until Summer 2018.

Seen in the developer update farther below, creative director Guillaume Provost and chief operating officer Sam Abbott address concerns for anticipating gamers. Though the original plans were to release the game on April 2018 as part of a publishing contract with Gearbox, more time is needed to polish the game’s story. The team laments the decision, but felt it necessary after reviewing the game for themselves. Provost began, saying:

For some of you who have been with us since Kickstarter and Early Access, it also marks several years since you’ve been following us, giving us feedback. We appreciate that feedback, and we hope it will continue moving on to release. A month ago, we finished all the content of the game and sat down and actually reviewed it and made some decisions in production based on that review.

Provost and Abbott were candid in the explanation for the Summer 2018 delay for the dystopian survival game, We Happy Few, saying that a story-driven game such as this needed to be fluid and make sense as a whole. Unfortunately, after further review, the first two hours of story for in-game character Arthur simply didn’t mesh with their overall goal and strategy.

Since then, the team made drastic changes to the game from storyboard organization and rebuilding Arthur a bit. However, to those continuing to look forward to the release of We Happy Few, the developer update shows off some gameplay, and even introduces the second character for this dystopian survival title – Sally. The teaser begins at 2 minutes and 25 seconds, check it out above.

What do you think about the news from Compulsion Games? Is this disappointing as an invested fan or are you okay with how development is going despite the delay? Let us know in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter!

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