New PUBG Leak Hints At A “Tournament-Style” Game Mode (VIDEO)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds helped explore and develop the highly popular battle royale genre. Current generation battle royale titles such as Fall Guys, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone continuously try…

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Apple Epic Games Fortnite 1984 Tart Tycoon

Apple Countersues Epic Games, Will End “Sign In With Apple” Support

The past few weeks have surely been a roller coaster for fans of Fortnite, as Apple and Epic Games have repeatedly attempted to flex their corporate muscles over one another….

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Epic Games Fortnite Apple iOS

Epic Games Asks Court To Restore Fortnite On Apple’s App Store

A legal battle between Epic Games and Apple has been underway for the last few weeks, the game publisher pursuing a suit after Fortnite’s removal from the iOS App Store….

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Super Mario Bros. 35 Battle Royale Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. 35 Is The Latest Battle Royale Game Coming To Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

Yes, you read that correctly. A new battle royale game has been announced and it happens to be in the realm of the one and only Mario. Super Mario Bros….

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blazing sails

Blazing Sails Early Access Release Date Announced (VIDEO)

Another day of Gamescom 2020 involves another day of exciting announcements and reveals. If you’re itching for another battle royale game to try out, Iceberge Interactive and Get Up Games…

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Super Bomberman R Online Naked Snake

Super Bomberman R Online Stadia Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

Releasing in 2018 as the latest from the explosive Bomberman franchise, Super Bomberman R re-introduced many players to the series’ classic maze-running gameplay for PC and consoles. With the introduction…

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call of duty warzone games of summer

Call Of Duty: Warzone Games Of Summer Event Details Revealed (VIDEO)

Gamescom 2020 is taking place this week and there’s been a plethora of new announcements, including a Dragon’s Dogma anime on Netflix, the reveal of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Afterlives,…

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Epic Games Apple Free Fortnite

Epic Games Turns Apple Feud Into In-Game Fortnite Event

As Fortnite continues to attract massive success, it appears developer Epic Games is prepared to take increasingly bigger swings at rival companies. This past week saw Epic engage in a…

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Apex Legends Reveals New Character Rampart's Abilities (VIDEO)

Apex Legends Reveals New Character Rampart’s Abilities (VIDEO)

The start of another Apex Legends season brings with it, as usual, a slew of new content for battle royale fans to enjoy. Headlining the start of Season 6 is…

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Fortnite Epic Games

Fortnite Now Removed From Google Play Store, Epic Files Suit

Fortnite has enjoyed a pretty healthy success across all platforms, but it looks as though two major ones on mobile have decided to bow out in light of the game’s…

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