Fortnite’s New PlayGround Mode Brings Friendly Fire, Respawns, And “Loads Of Llamas”

Fortnite is the name of the game and developers show no signs of slowing down development and making frequent updates to make the entire gameplay experience feel worthwhile. In addition to performance enhancements, there’s something new to be try out. Of course, this time is no different. In the game’s latest state of development, Epic Games adds a brand new limited time mode for players to enjoy and it may get your hands a little dirty…with the blood of your allies. Playground Ground mode is the latest add-on to Battle Royale, introducing instant respawns, friendly fire, and “loads of llamas”.

Fortnite’s Playground Mode is essentially the “Battle Royale Map with some adjusted settings”, including more time to roam the map as you please and “increases resource generation”. What better way to travel the map than with the newly introduced limited time jetpack, which can also be utilized in the Close Encounter LTM (Limited Time Mode) now live.


Epic Games is currently considering the beloved 50 versus 50 mode as a main-stay to Fortnite as well. So, for those looking to keep this feature on board, make sure to tell the developer how much you want it to stay! Overall quality of life and performance adjustments are being made to the game in general including controller improvements with the addition of aim assist, custom bindings, build pro improvements, and turbo building improvements.

As for in-game features, Epic Games has finally added challenge progress notifications, in-world markers, a “Victory Royale” screen, high-resolution mini map, better footstep and vertical audio, spectator user-interface improvements, and more cosmetic changes to come. For more on all the changes being made or ones taken into consideration, check out their blog post here.

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