Duel Death Stranding Trailers Oddly Sync Up – More to the Puzzle? (VIDEO)

Hideo Kojima, famed creator of the Metal Gear franchise, has created a veritable puzzle box surrounding the Death Stranding trailers that have been thus far released. The aspects of the mysterious upcoming game from Kojima Productions, which is running on the new Decima Engine, have been anything but transparent, but Kojima has begun taunting, (or encouraging) fans to comb through the two trailers that we have been provided to notice and point out any kind of tidbits of information that can be found.

It’s been pointed out that there are common themes in both Death Stranding trailers; we begin by seeing dead crabs, all of which have little cords extending from their bodies, and these cords seem to be on every object, living or not, featured in the trailers, with the exception of Norman Reedus’ and Guillermo Del Toro’s characters. Both characters are also wearing the same weird future tech handcuffs. Then, of course, the baby doll shown in The Game Awards trailer has the same cross shaped scar on its stomach that Reedus has in the reveal.

The common running theme between the two short videos seems to be “connections”. With that mindset, people on the internet realized that the trailers themselves are connected and when played side by side, they make a more comprehensive picture. Notably, when the fetus disappears from Reedus’ arms, it shows up inside the container that Del Toro is holding. You can see a mashup of the two trailers below made by YouTuber Kim Saarinen.

Death Stranding has no official release schedule as of yet and it is unclear how far into production the game is. Hopefully, if we have to wait for an extended period of time for the game to launch, Kojima will continue to give us more handfuls of obscured information so that we might continue to pick it apart, piece by piece, and gain a greater understanding of what Death Stranding will actually be.

Let us know your opinion of the synced up trailers in the comments. Do you think that it’s just a coincidence, or intentional? What might be the misleads that Kojima tweeted about? Keep it dialed in to DFTG for upcoming news and speculation about Death Stranding!

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