Kojima Reveals New Death Stranding Trailer at The Game Awards (VIDEO)

New Death Stranding Trailer

Fans were eager to see Kojima finally receive his much deserved Industry Icon Award at The Game Awards this year, and with it, Kojima brought a very pleasant surprise. After his heartfelt acceptance speech, Hideo Kojima revealed a new Death Stranding Trailer.

This new trailer, while retaining many elements of the previously seen teaser showing a computer-generated version of Norman Reedus, shows both new locations and characters to be featured in the game. The trailer opens with a dirty ground and baby doll, much in reference to the first teaser, but then reveals a new character who appears to be modeled after another artistic colleague of Kojima’s, Guillermo Del Toro, donning a black and red suit while stealthfully evading armed forces in a war-torn city. Del Toro’s character is then seen brandishing a containment unit which has a human baby (or perhaps baby-like creature?) in the pod.

From there, the previously seen baby doll makes its way down a sewer stream in front of a squad of armed officers of the previously seen army. The leader of these officers takes off his helmet and appears to be modeled after Mads Mikkelsen, the actor most recently seen as Kaecilius in Doctor Strange. His squad is shown to be mentally under his control via cords coming from his gear, as they move out. The baby doll then arrives at Mads Mikkelsen’s feet as he looks at the camera menacingly.

New Death Stranding Trailer

This is definitely a very interesting trailer, much like the first teaser, which still leaves us wondering more about this game. What do you guys think? Do you like the new Death Stranding trailer? What other celebrities would you like to see in this game? Let us know in the comments below!

You can watch The Game Awards here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Be sure to check out our coverage of the still incoming news from the show!

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