Hideo Kojima Death Stranding Director's Cut

Hideo Kojima Unveils Death Stranding Director’s Cut Final Trailer (VIDEO)

Death Stranding is set to get the Director’s Cut treatment later this month and the next-gen release is touting a number of additional features that go beyond the boundaries of…

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Death Stranding

Death Stranding 2 Already “In Negotiations,” Says Norman Reedus

The Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is aiming to add quite a few new and interesting things to the lineup of content the game already contains including racing, a new mysterious…

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Death Standing

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Receives New Preview Trailer (VIDEO)

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding was quite the bizarre tale matched with a peculiar choice in gameplay, yet it was received quite well by some, at least enough to warrant a…

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Death Stranding Director's Cut

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Isn’t A Director’s Cut, Says Kojima

Hideo Kojima has proven to be one of the perennial favorite auteurs in the video game industry. After years of dedication to his popular Metal Gear franchise under Konami, Kojima…

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Death Stranding Director's Cut

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Offers PS5 Ultrawide Support (VIDEO)

The video game industry has many beloved figures, but perhaps none as infamously eccentric as Hideo Kojima. The larger-than-life auteur’s games have fascinated many, and his grand artistic visions have…

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Rated Ahead of Full Reveal

Extended editions, director’s cuts, and remasters are all the rage these days, whether it’s movies, video games, or more. Having originally released for PlayStation 4 and later on PC, Death…

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Death Stranding Director's Cut Announced For PS5 (VIDEO)

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Announced For PS5 (VIDEO)

Death Stranding is once again leaning towards the Sony side of things, this time with a newly revealed Director’s Cut coming soon to the PS5. Announced during the opening presentation…

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Kojima Productions

Kojima Productions Audio Director Teases “Important News” Arriving Soon

Fans have been wondering what Hideo Kojima and friends are up to since Death Stranding’s release, and while there have been a few teases here and there, nothing substantial has…

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Death Stranding Launch Trailer

Next Hideo Kojima Game Might Be Announced “Quite Soon” (VIDEO)

Legendary game creator Hideo Kojima is well-known for heading impressive and ambitious projects with 2019’s Death Stranding and the majority of the Metal Gear series easily speaking for themselves in…

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Cyberpunk 2077 Death Stranding

Death Stranding Adds Free Cyberpunk 2077 Content On PC (VIDEO)

While some fans may have been a bit dispirited by there being no new game announcements to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Kojima Productions, it would appear the studio has…

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