Dark Souls Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Receives Awesome Artwork

Dark Souls Dungeons & Dragons

The role-playing fun of Dungeons & Dragons has seen a glorious resurgence in popularity in recent years, one that has also seen an inhuman amount of creativity spawn from its inspired fans. The long-running game’s regained popularity has brought forth a myriad of unique custom campaigns and crossovers, with several seeing mash-ups with Magic: The Gathering, the original 151 Pokemon, and even the reviewing site Yelp at one point. Now an additional popular franchise is looking to roll the die with the creation of an awesome Dark Souls Dungeons & Dragons crossover.

The creativity of Reddit user “SnicklefritzSkad” seemingly knows no bounds as they have not only crafted an incredibly detailed D&D adventure in the Dark Souls universe, but also commissioned a pretty spectacular piece of artwork by Kevin Catalan to perfectly compliment their custom campaign. The user describes the setting as though it’s a legitimate entry into the brutal, sun-praising FromSoftware franchise, and based on the provided synopsis, it seems like it could very well be.

Well over a million years into the future from Dark Souls 3 (not including the final boss of the second DLC which takes place around roughly the same time period), the entire world was conquered by a God Emperor known as ‘The Lictor’ who harnessed the power of soapstones to travel to other worlds and conquer them as well.

After millenia of soaking up power and covering the lands with a continent sized city, he linked the flame which he claimed would burn forever, keeping away the abyss for eternity and staving off the undead curse. The people built a monument to him at the center of their world and celebrated.

But the flame was not meant to burn so long without a cycle of darkness to cleanse it, ash began to fall from the sky, and with it came the curse of the darksign, returned to bring chosen undead to save the world as they have done so many times. Not only will they have to fight against the remains of a world forced to live long past it’s death to usher in darkness, but against another more sinister power. The Predator of the Deep Seas, the Scourge of the Outer Worlds… The Visitor.

While numerous and frequent deaths await players who enter Dark Souls‘ digital dungeons, it’s the atmospheric setting, bizarrely interesting characters, and low-key story that keeps fans marching toward that finish line. The video game shares much with Dungeons & Dragons in this sense, making a crossover between the two all the more intriguing. For those who’d like to check out the full Dark Souls Dungeons & Dragons campaign for themselves, the extensive rules are fully available to read on Reddit.

What do you think? Are you interested in checking out this Dark Souls Dungeons & Dragons campaign, or are you afraid the video game’s crushing difficulty may have carried over? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more from the realm of tabletop fun, check out these next few news stories:

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