Dungeons & Dragons ARG Leaves Secret Messages In Reviews On Yelp

Dragons ARG

For those who’ve not been keeping up, there is a Dungeons & Dragons ARG (Augmented Reality Game) going on over the internet that is getting pretty complex. The D&D Twitter account started things off after being taken over by “Elminster”, a well-known wizard in the lore of the game. It would seem a powerful stone guarded by an Adam Glover was sent to Earth by Elminster needed finding, as the guardian had lost his memory.

From there two Twitter accounts were discovered that were connected to the Dungeons & Dragons ARG. The accounts @Immortal4tress and @Glovers_Travels afforded fans with more clues to the story. The clues didn’t stop there though as fans also discovered Yelp reviews by Adam Glover for various game shops also holding clues.

Each review turned out to contain a password that turned out to be the name of a place in the popular tabletop roleplaying game. Players were to go to the store with the password and the first player there would receive a package containing a “key” that was a USB drive with a message written in unknown runes. Unfortunately, fans got there before the packages so they had to wait until they arrived in order to get the next clue.

Dragons ARG

Once received the Dungeons & Dragons ARG continued, however, the sharing of keys is still slow going. As seen above, three have been found and after some work translated to “tarrasque”, lizardfolk”, and “aurumvorax”. This didn’t stall the game as fans discovered more reviews, this time at bars and restaurants.

Another set of clues left by Glover on Yelp didn’t ask players of the Dungeons & Dragons ARG to go there, but instead to solve a riddle. Players organized on Facebook and Discord to try and crack the code, using the riddles and a clue from @Immortal4tress and two clues from @Glovers_Travels it took players working together a full day to solve the puzzle. The message, of course, was another clue: “Place second creature as code key, then you start your ABC (the words “a, “be,” and” see.”).

Unfortunately, fans are still waiting on the other keys to be shared so they can find out what the cipher is and solve the next clue. The Dungeons & Dragons ARG is still going and anyone is welcome to join in on the fun. A special thanks to WWG for bringing all the info together!

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