Battle Pokemon In Dungeons & Dragons With All 151 Original Creatures

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Despite being one of the foundations of modern day geek culture, Dungeons & Dragons has only grown in popularity through the years. The classic tabletop game is celebrated in current television shows like Stranger Things, and a tentpole blockbuster film based on the franchise is in the works at Paramount Pictures. One avenue of nerd properties that Dungeons & Dragons has also ventured into is crossovers with other famous franchises. That being said, one fan has taken it into their own hands to bring D&D to the world of Pokemon, with custom Dungeons & Dragons stats for each of the original 151 catchable creatures.

Caniswolfman24, a Dungeon Master, has released the custom-made Dungeons & Dragons stats on the website, The PDF presents the stats as a Pokedex of sorts, with all of the statistics and descriptions needed to insert any of the Kanto region Pokemon as combatants in anyone’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Each Pokemon’s stats includes attacks reminiscent of their abilities in the classic video games and card series.

For instance, Drowzee can use his Hypnosis ability to make enemies fall asleep and Pikachu can stun enemies with Static, if sufficient saving rolls are not made. All of these Pokemon can be enemies to be fought by players in D&D, as well as potential allies for those looking to host in-game Pokemon battles with a fellow tabletop enthusiast. Here are a couple to enjoy:

For some of the more powerful original Pokemon, the stats also include Legendary Actions that make legendaries like Mewtwo especially challenging. The creator is also working on stats for the Johto region Pokemon, with a few already being released as a preview. While these may not be official statistics from The Pokemon Company or Dungeons & Dragons, this certainly seems like it would be a critical hit with fans of both franchises. What do you guys think about these custom Dungeons & Dragons stats for the original 151 Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!

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