The Witcher Tabletop RPG Releasing in August

More Witcher is always a good thing. While we will likely never see The Witcher 4, the Witcher TV series should satisfy our need for more Geralt in our lives. Now, R. Talsorian Games will release their long-awaited tabletop game, The Witcher TRPG.

R. Talsorian Games announced the game’s arrival back in 2015, but have recently confirmed an upcoming release date. The company’s website states that The Witcher TRPG “has been sent to the printers” and will be available at GenCon 2018. That means that players will only have to wait one more month to give the game a spin.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Indianapolis for the big convention, though. R. Talsorian Games will take orders on their store and make an online PDF version available for players. The company also provided a first look at the game’s book.

The game’s official description provides players with insight into what they can anticipate.

“The Witcher Role-Playing Game will allow tabletop RPG fans to re-create an array of characters known from the Witcher universe and live out entirely new adventures set within the world of Geralt of Rivia… The Witcher Role-Playing Game will feature a myriad of spells, rituals, and curses; favorite gear and items from the entire Witcher series including a bestiary of devilish monsters. The system will provide all the necessary tools to create and play out your own adventures and become everything from a battle-hardened monster slayer to a merchant kingpin controlling a vast network of contacts.”

The Witcher lends itself to a tabletop RPG more than almost any game I can think of.  When I head down to GenCon in August, this will be one of the first titles I play and report on.

Are you excited for more Witcher? Is this a must-add for your tabletop collection? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter and Facebook for more gaming news!

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