Dark Souls 3 Was Originally Supposed to Have a Battle Royale Mode, Says Cut Footage (VIDEO)

Dark Souls 3

Battle Royale is huge these days, with many games drawing on the simple yet challenging gameplay. In fact, it’s been predicted that the genre will be included within every major shooter within the coming years. The last title that one might imagine containing this mode is Dark Souls 3, however recently unearthed cut footage says that’s exactly what was originally intended for the brutal game.

YouTuber Lance McDonald has a history of finding hidden and cut content, re-imagining what could have been within many of the titles within the Souls franchise. This time around the Souls Sleuth has discovered that Dark Souls 3 could have had its own take on the Battle Royale genre. In order for a player to join into a PvP battle with another, it’s required for one or both of those players to have an item which Summons an enemy into their world – or … Invades world themselves.

McDonald’s recent findings uncovered three items which were sadly cut from the game that expand on the idea of invasion, including that of a Battle Royale PvP experience:

  • Ceremony Sword of Darkness
  • Ceremony Sword of Flame
  • Ceremony Sword of Battle Royale Eclipse

Each of the three items are used for different purposes, unfortunately none of them actually work within the final game. Instead the Souls Sleuth was able to work around this by changing some of the flags within the game’s executable. As explained by McDonald in the video, the Sword of Darkness “When used, performs a ceremony to envelope the world in darkness. For playable version, select this item to perform an eclipse ceremony.” The Sword of Darkness took him to a completely new, darker area within High Wall labelled as “Moonlight Ceremony”.

According to the Sword of Flame’s description, “When used, invade a world that has been enveloped in darkness. For playable version, select this item to perform an invasion ceremony”. It can be inferred from this that the two Swords are used to Host and Invade a hosting world’s “Moonlight Ceremony.”

As for the Sword of Battle Royale Eclipse, there was no description, it is inferred that the sword could have been another way to engage. McDonald explained that the term “Battle Royale” has been used as a way to explain the Dark Souls franchise’s multiplayer arena modes and the Moonlight Ceremony and swords could have been an extension of the game’s PvP modes.

The Dark Souls 3 Battle Royale mode may not be quite like that of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite, but it is intriguing nonetheless. Let us know your thoughts on Dark Souls 3 and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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