‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Crosses With ‘Magic: The Gathering’ In Glorious Fashion

Plane Shift Article

Like clockwork, the latest edition of Wizards of the Coast Dragon+ magazine came out earlier this week. The magazine is loaded with exciting news about D&D and this edition reveals a new Dungeons & Dragons/Magic: The Gathering crossover that is going to definitely change things on game night. The Plane Shift article lets players explore the world of Ixalan with their favorite RPG group.

This latest Plane Shift article for Dungeons & Dragons will immerse players in the world of the popular card game. Ixalan, based loosely on Mesoamerican culture, introduces lush jungles, cities of gold, towering pyramids and so much more. The world is rife with pirates and the jungles infested with dinosaurs, making the setting a very interesting one.

The Plane Shift article serves as a campaign setting, providing information about the world, cultures, and various races found in Ixalan. Players will get to chose from several monster races, allowing them to take on the role of a goblin, siren, vampire, or orc. Each one has advantages and disadvantages that make them varied and useful.

Dungeons & Dragons

New monsters and epic baddies are also detailed in the Plane Shift article, among them are various types of dinosaurs that range from the small and pesky to the powerful and god-like. The colors featured in Magic: The Gathering will also take precedence in the game, guiding alignments and personalities depending on what they pick.

For those looking to dive on into the crossover, the Plane Shift article is available free to download here! For those looking for more Magic inspiration to add, previous articles set in Amonkhet and Kaladesh are also available on the website. Be sure to keep up with Don’t Feed the Gamers for all of your gaming needs both on the table and on the screen.

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