Dan Harmon to Produce eSports Youtube Show

Youtube has announced several new shows for its new Red service, the premium subscription plan that provides Ad-free videos and exclusive content to subscribers. This service has undoubtedly recognized the significant portion of Youtube’s audience that seeks gaming-related content, as it has in the past produced Red-exclusive programs such as Pewdiepie’s “Scare Pewdiepie” and MatPat’s “Game Lab”.


Now the site has greenlit a comedy series to be produced by Dan Harmon, creator of NBC’s “Community” and co-creator of “Rick & Morty”, about a team of eSports players. The currently untitled series has been created by Michele Morrow, eStream co-host on the Bleacher Report, and famed Youtuber Jesse Cox. Both of the co-creators will have acting roles in the show, as well as Game Grumps veterans Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson. The series is currently slated for 6 thirty-minute episodes to premiere on Youtube Red next year. There is no word yet as to what sort of eSports games the show’s characters will be playing, but one can only hope they will play Roy: A Life Well Lived and beat Morty’s score.

Would you watch a sitcom about an eSports team? Are there any real eSports athletes you would like to see on the show? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

In other news related to team gaming events, have you heard about the new multiplayer modes coming to Halo Wars 2? We have a sneak peak of them for you right here at Don’t Feed the Gamers.

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